The furnace is making me sweat more than my husbandy

That makes no sense nor could I do that to her

I don’t get it, then it’s fall, my husbandy and I are both frosty outside raking leaves and those leaves come down in buckets. There are so many, it’s ridiculous, then my associate and I mainly try to keep up with it because of our coy pond. It feels like it a never-ending nightmare to try and keep them out of it. The last few years my pal and I kept failing at it however hoping this year is a bit different. It definitely won’t as I forgot to by a cover for it. I was planning on buying a cover and doing my best to make sure that the pond doesn’t become a leaf-filled mess, then so I’m outside it feels like all weekend every two hours trying to rake up the leaves, well, the ones that keep landing around the pond and using the net to scoop a bunch out! Regardless, when my pal and I are indoors trying to get out of the cool fall weather, the control unit dial for the furnace after a few minutes makes me sweat. My husbandy just looks at me like I’m unusual and says this is the best air quality going on right now and if I’m too hot, then my pal and I should go back outside and rake more leaves. I guess she’s nuts, maybe I should turn down the control unit dial and he should go outside. That makes no sense nor could I do that to her. Still, the household is set at 73 degrees and I’m covered in sweat and he is wearing a hoodie with sweatpants just being comfortable. I guess I’ll keep going outside to cool myself down and after I feel cold, I’ll come back inside, however doesn’t matter, when I go back to work Monday, that pond will be full of leaves.

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