Three hours of mini split a/c

Good Tuesday to you all.

Today is the Tuesday before Easter Wednesday and this neighborhood is going full tilt with the tourists.

I am going to chill at my condo for the next three hours and get all of my stuff done so I can go out and play some ball with my friends and then watch the sunshine go down. I am trying to decide if I want to bring my sound system or not because there is a tournament and I could announce the finals but it is a lot of stuff to carry. The local dealer in the neighborhood told me I could store the sound system at her office despite the fact that I don’t know if I feel like dragging it out from under where the a/c is located. The thing is quite bulky and heavy and I may just travel light and bring my backpack to the beach. I first have to stay in a condo though and knock out ten more articles in air conditioned comfort and then I will go to the coast and have some fun later. It should be a wonderful night as the streets are filled with thrilled people ready to get-together and dance the night away. This neighborhood will be packed and my heating and A/C dealer will be thrilled because they will sell lots of cooling systems for the season. I will work there part time and keep doing my music thing with my band, making a whole bunch of new music this summer time and playing in many bars around town. I will also wipe the HEPA filter now.

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