Tired but toiling on my cooling equipment

I am tiptoeing through the day and am slowly coming to life once again after a long night out with friends.

My wonderful friend and I were hanging out in this cafe and they were all speaking Spanish, which was fantastic because it is helping me learn the language each time they talk.

My goal is to finally master the language by the end of this summer time so that I am not left out in the cold in all of the conversations that go on after our games on the beach. I believe I can grasp it pretty well soon and then my heating corp boss will have me doing heat pump sales in the front room where clients come in to buy things. I was also toiling there last year but had no clue what people were saying, so they stuck me in the back room where I would stock the shelves and do inventory on my own. I am taking some lessons at the local corporation and I believe they are absolutely helping me learn the language a lot faster than if I were to do it at a condo in air conditioned comfort. I will get this language down pat within another four or five months and then I can take a cut with all of this learning online and in other places. The heating and A/C dealer where I work is going to provide me a raise in pay once I master the language and begin toiling as an actual heating and A/C salesman up front in the store. I am motivated this time to learn the language and will undoubtedly do so soon.
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