They were heating and AC specialists at the heating and AC company

Jeff and Don are much older now and life has given them so many gifts.

They may not have the memory they used to have but they know from talking to their children that they have given so much that they should be proud of what they have achieved in life.

As Jeff and Don sat here listening to these small tape recordings they made several years back when their memory started to go, it always brings joy to their faces. They suffer from dementia and try to remember things but they have faded into a dark hole that they can no longer see. Jeff and Don rely on their children to show them pictures and share stories to jog their minds but it usually fails. They try to fake smiles but they know their kids see that they struggle with that even. The tapes they created help them stay gleeful because every day they slip further and further from reality. Soon they won’t remember anything. Their kids tell them about the times they were Heating and Air Conditioning specialists who put the Heating and Air Conditioning company on their backs to see it succeed. They see the Heating and Air Conditioning company they work for advertising on tv as one of the largest in the country. Apparently, when they were younger, the heating and cooling company had just started out and they were one of their top employees. Jeff and Don don’t remember much of it nor do they remember the tasks of cleaning an air filter or repairing the Heating and Air Conditioning system they have. They just trust that their children are here for them and they hope to never forget that.



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