Thankful for cool nights.

It seems that we wait for summer every year and when it arrives, we say that we can’t wait for fall.

Why is it that most people are never satisfied with the current conditions and always wishing for a change.

When it is the middle of winter, everyone says that they just want it warm, in the summer, we retreat into air conditioned spaces because we want it to be cooler. This is great for the HVAC industry, because without them, we would just have to deal with the elements as they are. Most people rely heavily on their HVAC systems to keep their homes the perfect temperature year round. There are still those who prefer to not use air conditioning or that are too stubborn to spend the money on it, however, it is far more common to have air conditioning than not these days. My neighbor, for instance, is one of those holdouts that just will not put in central air. He already has a forced air heating system so the add on wouldn’t even cost him much. He insists that he just has to open up the windows at night to cool the house off. I told him that the HVAC dealer in town had a special running on upgrades and they he wouldn’t’ have to worry about depending on cooler nights if he would just invest in a new system. It just seems like a lot of effort to open up all the windows each night and then run around closing them up early in the morning each day. The air conditioner could just easily maintain the perfect temperature without all that work.

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