Last week I met a handsome HVAC technician and now he asked me out

Last week, I was in the local home improvement store looking for some plants.

  • I found what I needed in the garden center, but since I was already there, I decided to go over to the HVAC aisle and browse around for a new thermostat.

The thermostat that I currently have in my house is so old that it barely even works anymore. I know that it’s time for a new one, but I don’t really know anything about my heating and cooling system. Therefore, I don’t have any idea what kind of thermostat I should buy to replace the old one. As I was standing there looking at all of the different thermostat options, I felt someone staring at me. I looked up and there was a seriously handsome guy standing there by the air filters, checking me out. He had an air filter in his hand but I could tell that he was way more interested in me than in any old air filter! I smiled at him and noticed that he was wearing a uniform from one of our local heating and cooling companies here in town. His name, Marc, was sewn onto the shirt pocket. So I said, “Hi Marc. Want to tell me which thermostat system I should get?” I guess he was surprised that I started up a conversation with him because he blushed. It was so cute! He asked me what kind of HVAC system I have and I played even dumber about HVAC issues than I really am! And of course he offered to come over after his shift to check out my heating and A/C for me. Then he will probably end up installing the new thermostat while I make us dinner.

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One of the craziest things happened when I was redoing our HVAC system

We’ve been living in the same house for about ten years now.

I know that it seems like a pretty long time, but as the old saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun.

I guess you could say that my husband and I have really been having fun! That’s because ten years ago when we first moved in, we talked about taking out the old furnace and central A/C system. The HVAC system that was already installed in the house was super old and you could tell that it wasn’t of the greatest quality. I worried about the indoor air quality in the house but of course as time went on, we got settled in and we forgot about the HVAC system. There were other things to worry about with the new house, and thoughts of the furnace and the A/C just flew right out the window, so to speak. Of course, the heating and cooling system worked well enough to keep us going. We were warm enough in the winter and cool enough in the summer, but I think that our indoor air quality definitely could have been much better. Finally, ten years later, we decided that we were going to go ahead and put in a new HVAC unit! I was excited about getting the job done at last. I went ahead and brought some tools over from my dad’s house and started checking out the air ducts and ventilation ducts. When I opened up one of the overhead air vents, a big raccoon dropped right out of the ceiling and went waddling across the kitchen!


I really need to get the heating system tuned up – it overheats us too easily!

Last winter, my husband and I went through a pretty rough patch with the weather.

  • Our house suffered a good bit of damage from going without heat for a few days at a time, and in turn the water pipes were popping left and right around our home.

Making matters worse, we couldn’t even use the fireplace to get some kind of manual heating system running, as we forgot to get a chimney sweep here to clear out all the creosote. With so few options left, we had to get a new heating system installed. We did just that, and we’ve basically went from one extreme to another! We went from having no heating at all, to now having a heating system that works too quickly. I don’t know what you would call it, but with air conditioning, having a system that’s too high in “tons” will cause the A/C to cycle on and off. So whatever that would be called for a heating system, that’s what we’re dealing with. I think we’ll need to just call a heating and air conditioning service technician to come and service the equipment, because otherwise we won’t be able to put up with the ridiculously high bills that come with using this overpowered heating system. It’s just a gas furnace – I don’t get how it can be so powerful! Maybe when we get an HVAC service technician here in the house, they can find that there’s just too much gas flowing into the furnace, or some other simple fix will be available for us.

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Tickled by the new air conditioning in my home

The new air conditioning unit at my place is a real work of art.

I’m telling you, between the new air handler in my closet, the new thermostat in my living room, and my lovely new ductwork in my attic, I don’t know what I enjoy more! The air handler in my closet is long overdue for use.

I had the new system installed as I had been dealing with my old air handler grinding like crazy. It was deafeningly loud every time it turned on! Now, it’s much more silent. With this, I also have a new thermostat installed in my home that controls the heating and A/C equipment more effectively. Not only that, but this new thermostat is “smart”, meaning it can learn my preferences and automatically run them over time. How cool is that? Finally, there’s the brand new ductwork additions to my HVAC system. Running along the crawlspaces of the attic, this new ductwork is free of patches, cracks, tears and punctures. It’s going to make a huge difference to have improved air quality in my home, and now I don’t have to worry about the attic receiving all of the cool air before I do! The only other thing I wish I had renovated was the air conditioning unit itself, sitting on the outside of my house. It’s about a decade old now, and if I can’t get that replaced soon, I might still be stuck with the same issues regarding my A/C unit.


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Life as a landlord

Luckily for me I have formed a solid relationship with the manager of the HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling unit in town and he gives me a good deal on HVAC repairs for my tenants

Around ten or eleven years ago I decided to work my way into the real estate market. I started off by purchasing a few cheap apartment buildings, fixed them up, and began to rent them out. At first it was all new to me and it felt like a new adventure, but as the years have started to pass the title of being landlord has started to become a pain for me. The problem about renting out apartments to people is that you never know what type of damage might pop up. Just in the past month I have had to deal with three different problems concerning the air conditioning unit in my tenants apartments. All three of the apartments had in one way or another completely destroyed the air conditioning unit. In some bizarre fashion. One of them had an infant that thought it would be fun to pour a tub of juice into the unti, and another had thrown a party and one of her friends had fallen onto the unit causing some major damage. It doesn’t matter how many emails I send out to my tenants asking them to be careful and not to let children around certain parts of the house, these types of things always arise. Luckily for me I have formed a solid relationship with the manager of the HVAC ventilation, heating and cooling unit in town and he gives me a good deal on HVAC repairs for my tenants. As long as I am making more money then I spend I will continue with this line of work, however I am pretty sure that all of my hair will have fallen out by then due to the constant stress from my rambunctious tenants.
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Owning a home is pricey

I think that if I have to call the HVAC heating and cooling company one more time I will become their most valued customer

Despite having gone to college and two years of grad school, I failed to learn just how expensive owning a home truly is. I grew up in the city with my parents until I shipped off to college and during that time we always lived in a two bedroom apartment. It was a great place and we were always taken care of by the landlord. If the heating and cooling unit ever had problems or stopped working entirely, we never had to stress out about being stuck with the repair costs. The same thing went with leaking pipes or any plumbing problems. Now that I am living on my own and I purchased a home for myself, I have been finding out the hard way that nobody is waiting on your every beck and call like they are in a nice apartment. I have had so many problems with my home over the past few months, and each time a problem arises I am out another few hundred dollars. The biggest problem that I have had so far in my home is my heated gas furnace. It has been constantly breaking down on me during the most inconvenient times. I think that if I have to call the HVAC heating and cooling company one more time I will become their most valued customer. When I think about it now I can totally see why my parents decided to stick around in our small apartment in the city. It makes much more sense than dealing with all of these homeowner problems 24/7!


Having trouble with my HVAC system

I really hope that the HVAC worker doesn’t give us a really expensive quote because I am just going to have a heart attack

Last week a really bad storm went through my area of town and did a lot of damage to the houses in my neighborhood. We got really lucky because our house didn’t have any major damage like many of the other ones around us. However, we did lose power for about two days and that caused some major issues with our HVAC system. I really didn’t think that losing power would do anything to our HVAC system, but I was very wrong. Once the power came back on, I thought that the HVAC system would just start working again. However, that was not the case and we had to call a local HVAC company to come out to the house and look at our HVAC system. Once the HVAC worker came out to the house he told us that the power outage caused by the storm fried our HVAC system and it was going to have to be replaced. I really didn’t want to have to spend a bunch of money to get our HVAC system replaced, but we knew that we didn’t have any other options at this point. We didn’t want to go without an HVAC system, so we asked the HVAC worker to send us a quote for the cost to repair the HVAC system. I really hope that the HVAC worker doesn’t give us a really expensive quote because I am just going to have a heart attack. I guess we could always get a second opinion, but I really hope that it’s not going to be that bad.


HVAC in the south

I recently moved down to the south for work and I am still getting used to the hot and humid weather. I don’t know how people live in this climate all year long, but I am hoping that I will get used to it eventually. I moved down here from a northern part of the country that didn’t have high levels of humidity. Before moving down here I hadn’t really visit a place that had high levels of humidity either, so it was a shock to me when I moved down here. I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. In my old house, I didn’t need to always have the air conditioner on because you could get away with just opening the windows if you needed to cool down the house. However, in my new house, you have to turn on the air conditioning if you want to cool down the house at all. I also have to keep the air conditioning on to help control the humidity. I hate the humidity much more than I thought I would, but it really has been hard to get used too. I have been turning on my air conditioning and leaving it on all day and night. I haven’t gotten my first bill yet, but I can only imagine how much it is going to cost me. I really need to find a way to cool down my house without having to keep the air conditioning on at all times.
Cooling tech

I want that High Velocity cooling power

I was looking for a brand new heating plus cooling system that would install easily without major upheaval plus handle comfort throughout the family home.

I needed an effective cooling system to handle brutal heat while in the summer time months plus an incredibly efficient furnace able to combat temperatures down to more than nine below zero each winter.

I was hoping to avoid super high monthly utility bills. Unfortunately for me, our up-to-date home is rather old plus not equipped with any sort of conventional air duct. Unless I was willing to tear down all the walls plus make a huge investment, there weren’t a lot of excellent options available. I finally came across a fairly up-to-date innovation on the market called high-velocity. A high-velocity heating plus cooling system apparently is similar to an older, conventional model in the sense that the conditioned air comes from a second heat pump or outside compressor. However, rather than utilizing big ducts, the system takes advantage of entirely skinny tubing. These extremely slender plus bendy ducts are only two inches in diameter or less plus can be snaked through existing walls without causing damage. Plus, it turns out the vents are much smaller. They are officially round, only perhaps five inches in diameter plus come in a wide range of styles. The volume of heated or cooled air enters the room with more pressure than a conventional system, thus creating a gentle suction that provides an entirely efficient and rapid circulation. This means that the temperature of the interior room reaches the desired temperature faster than with other assorted types of systems.

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Smart thermostat smart family

I recently invested in a smart temperature control for our home for our family.

My former temperature control was over 30 years old.

While it still did the task, the temperature control gave only a single function to us plus required manual operation. Although the smart temperature control easily cost myself and others many hundred dollars, it has honestly paid for itself very quickly in convenience plus energy savings. I hired a licensed Heating, Ventilation plus A/C contractor at the time to help myself and others determine the ideal temperature control device for our particular lifestyle plus to accommodate our family heating plus cooling system. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C contractor also easily handled the replacement plus familiarized myself and others with the method of operation plus the many features. For the first week after powerful replacement, the temperature control kept track of the adjustments I personally made plus l received our family’s preferences plus schedule. It then automatically built a program to suit us. I now entirely find myself rarely make any changes to settings. The temperature control automatically Barnes and caters to our comings plus goings, conserving energy when the entire up-to-date home is empty plus welcoming us up-to-date home to our ideal comfort. Because of this, I save a considerable amount of additional currency on heating plus cooling costs. The temperature control further managers and tracks our energy usage plus offers tips for potential savings. It easily sends alerts when it’s time to change air filters or in order to schedule professional maintenance. I love this smart thermostat.

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