Having someone in the HVAC industry that can hook you up is a dream situation

I was absolutely thrilled for my brother years ago, back when he got his HVAC certification.

  • I knew he was going to be a successful man in this field, as he is such an ambitious guy with a real winning personality that makes him perfect for customer relationship management.

I never thought about the benefits for me as a family member, since I would get some great deals out of him becoming an HVAC professional! While he was working with this absolutely great company in town, he became the single best HVAC professional in our area. He eventually became a major business owner for the industry as well, so he was a great (and powerful) family member. During dinner, my brother was going on to myself and others about how he could install radiant floors in our home. The cost? 40% of the installation costs on average. Now that was an awesome deal! I was asking him if that was the family discount, and he said that was the “I like you” discount. Must be nice owning your own business and making up the rules! I didn’t even hesitate though, as I told him I was up for the installation as soon as he had men available to install the system. I stood speechless as he and his crew were able to take care of the installation in under a day – an afternoon, really! They were able to clean up all the mess they made too, so it seemed as if they never touched a thing – that’s just how good these guys were! Family or not, my brother definitely earned himself another regular customer.


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It’s not every day that you get a telemarketer call you’re happy about

I’m not usually a very big fan of telemarketer calls or telemarketers in general.

Still I wasn’t mad about this call I got recently, since it was a call from an HVAC company I worked with in the past.

They were relaying to myself and others their special deals for the season, which included a total installation of radiant heated flooring for half off! They were even throwing in free temperature controls while supplies lasted, which was a major savings of hundreds of dollars. I wanted to get radiant floors for a long time, so I was eager to accept their offer – the fact that they were calling in the first place was just perfect timing. I told them that I was interested, so we arranged to have the installation for the following week. In no time, they had installed the new radiant floors with the extravagant smart temperature control in my house. Suddenly, I had a smart temperature control – something I never had before. Once everything was said and done, and the system was installed and ready to go, I was genuinely gratified with the end results of this radiant heating system. The heat was genuinely charming, and felt quite natural. It was so much better than the former forced air heat, which dried out the room and sent dust everywhere through the house. No drafts were in the home thanks to the radiant heating, so I’m a huge fan!


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You never forget how to party and have a good time if the child in you sticks around

I love having a nice party at my home every now and again, as the friends and family will come out and have a good time with me.

This last time, the party was great until the A/C quit working in the household.

While we were desperately trying to mess with the temperature control and get the A/C back up and running, the people I was with and I weren’t able to get it to work! We were getting frustrated, as It got pretty hot inside the house while the people I was with and I ended up having to turn on a bunch of fans and even open up some windows. Despite the now much warmer venue for our party, I wasn’t about to let this party be ruined by a lack of a/c! It was decided – the people I was with and I had to take the party outside to the pool! Once we were outside, everyone could go cool off in the pool, which genuinely made for a pretty fun time! Since we could have called for emergency HVAC system services, we decided instead for the people I was with and I to just opt for calling the HVAC company first thing in the morning instead. Some were saying it was for the better that the a/c failed when it did. Now, we were forced to go outside, which is where the party really took off! I’m not sure if it was good that my A/C system failed, but they had a point – it still was a pretty great time. It certainly was one of my most memorable birthdays, and my family even paid to have our cooling system repaired the following day. That’s a great birthday in my book!


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Getting a lot of use out of the current air purification and ventilation systems

My wife was never the greatest cook in the world, or much of a cook to begin with.

I would just get takeout food whenever I wasn’t feeling up to making our meals, and I just thought she loved takeout! I never thought too much about it I guess.

Well, it was apparent as soon as we got married though, that she insist on cooking some fine meals for us. The only trouble was, she wasn’t very good at cooking. I had to have my hand at the ready to put out a fire on the stove, and the fire alarm would go off every single time she cooked. I needed a solution to this problem, because this was getting old! I decided to call up the HVAC company recently, and I wanted to see what could be done about excessive smoke in the house as well as burned food smells. They said that I should have a ventilation system, installed with a quality air purifier. That works to get rid of the smells, so I decided to let the HVAC professionals install the new ventilation system and air purifier. Now, whenever my wife attempted to cook another meal she hadn’t made before, I could just crank on the air purifier. Smoke or no smoke, I would get the ventilation system going as well just to get rid of any potential smoke made by her cooking. These new installations genuinely worked rather well, and over time my wife has become a very talented cook! The air purifier and ventilation systems have definitely served their purpose, and I’m just glad we don’t have to use them as often as we did.

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Our New Security System

About a month or so ago, the owner of the company I work for made the decision to install an electronic card reader on our front door.

Before that was done, there was no sort of security at the front door.

Employees were allowed to come and go as they pleased. Since no one was monitoring who was going in or out of the front door, there were some less than ethical employees who took advantage of the system. Some of them would go out for their hour lunch and not come back for three hours. The company’s owner hardly ever visited the building, so it was easy to bend the rules as much as desired. When the electronic card reason was installed, everything changed in the building. Now each employee has been distributed their own employee access card. The card has our name and employee ID on it. Every time we go in or out the front door, we are required to swipe our card. The card’s swipe records the date and time that we enter or exit the door. If one employee were to use another’s card, that would be considered a friable offense. If we lose our card, we are charged fifty dollars to replace it. I was never one of those employees who took long lunches, so I am not worried about not being able to cut corners. I am, however, worried that I will lose my card. I have been known to lose things, especially important things. The last thing I need is a fifty dollar fee whenever I lose my card. Hopefully I don’t, or I may wind up owing whole paycheck to my boss!

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The Reader that Changed Everything

The owner of the company I work for decided to install an electric card reader on the front door a couple months ago.

Before this installation, there was no form of security at the front door, so everyone was going in and out as they pleased.

No one was monitoring who left or came in, and there were quite a few employees who were using this to their advantage. Some would go out to lunch and not come back until at least an hour after they were due to return. Since the company owner hardly ever visited the building, it wasn’t hard for the lazier employees to do whatever they felt like doing. The electronic card reader’s installation changed everything for those employees. Now all employees are required to swipe their electronic access card to enter or exit the front door. The card has our name and employee ID on it, and it records the date and time on every swipe. Each employee has their own card, and are charged fifty dollars if they lose it. If someone uses a different employee’s card to swipe in or out, they can be fired immediately. So this means no more long lunches. I never took long lunches in the first place, so that wasn’t my main concern. What I am really worried about is losing my card. I tend to misplace things a lot, and at fifty dollars a card, I could wind up losing whole paycheck to keep replacing them!

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Driving 5 hours to the JDM importer

When my woman and I started dating, she did not hide her enthusiasm for cars.

I knew from the beginning that my woman was silly about JDM Cars.

JDM happens to stand for Japanese domestic market. However, these are vehicles that were only made to be sold in a foreign country. Some famous JDM cars include the Nissan Skyline, Nissan GTR, R32, plus the Toyota Supra. These are incredibly tough vehicles to find in our country, since these vehicles were only created for the Japanese domestic market. Therefore, they are not made to pass our country’s rigorous safety standards, and for this main reason, these vehicles are not readily available for sale in the United States. The only way to find any of these JDM Cars is by using a specialty car importer. My woman plus I live in the sticks, plus the closest JDM car importer is 5 hours away. The importer has several cars available for sale, but my woman plus I do not want to buy something off the internet without seeing it. Therefore, next weekend, both of us are going to drive over to see the JDM importer. The drive will be long plus hard, but I dislike the idea of buying something sight unseen. My woman plus I are going to stay in the city overnight, so both of us do not have to drive 10 hours in a single day, thankfully. Then we’re going to drive down on Friday, plus see the JDM Importer on the following day. My woman is pretty happy to see the red R32 Skyline. It’s a little out of our price range, but it actually looks brand new. If both of us find something perfect, maybe one of us can drive it back home from the lot.

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A much needed art studio

Everything was way too extravagant or way too small.

I started drawing before I could even write my first name, but my parents got me a huge amount of art supplies prefer colored pencils, markers, and paints to work with. I created a new painting almost everyday. In high university, I took all of the art classes I could, but our university offered three different art courses on metal work, wood work, plus mixed media. I was very good with all three of the classes plus earned high marks in each. I even won the blue ribbon at the state fair, for one of our metal sculptures, and after High School, I attended college for only three semesters. I did ever like going to class, as much as I enjoyed creating art with our hands, and eventually, I stopped going to class and later started to focus on a business. After a few years had passed, I was selling one or several items each week.I had a giant chunk of money saved, plus I starting looking for an art studio. All I was looking for was a small space to work, plus a small section to display our crafts. I scanned around for an office space for a few months, however I did not find anything in my price range. Everything was way too extravagant or way too small. Eventually I offered up on finding an office space in Lockport, NY, plus I started to look in other areas. After a short amount of time, I found an office space for our art studio. I have to drive 30 minutes to work, however the office space is giant plus the rent is adequate. I have a very tiny office in the back, plus some space in the front to display our arts and crafts.


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On the hunt for a new attorney

Throughout most of my life, tons of people in our family has busy that attorneys are slimy, crooked, awful guys.

My father has always said you can’t trust an attorney, unless her mouth is shut, however when our sister was dating a woman in law university, my mom and dad gave him the cold shoulder.

Even when the child paid for Thursday supper, they still harassed him pretty much 24/7, i do not think why most people in our family doesn’t trust attorneys, however I’ve grown up believing they were just normal people. With that being said, now I find myself in a actually odd situation. My child was in a traffic accident this past week, and she was badly injured. She was riding her bicycle on the sidewalk, when a motorcycle driver lost control and ran off the road into a tree. My son’s leg was broken and the bicycle had taken even worse damage. We went to the hospital right away, plus our child had surgery to maintenance the bones. I genuinely hope and pray that the motorcycle driver has good Insurance. My child is going to need two more surgeries, before the leg is completely repaired. I think that I’m going to need to find an attorney, but I actually do not think who to trust. I can see various bizarre billboards, just from the hospital parking lot. I do not think if I can trust a single one of them! The hospital gave me a very long list of attorneys that could give me some help. While my youngest child is sleeping this afternoon, I’m going to call a few of them, since the social service manager gave myself and others the list, they must have a good relationship with the hospital. I think I can finally find an attorney to trust with some luck.


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Forgot the appointment for the heater and ac

I had a officially tied up service appointment for the HVAC machine this week.

I knew the appointment was tied up for a couple of afternoons, however the time slipped our mind completely.

When the doorbell rang, I was caught off guard by the HVAC professional. I let the girl into our house, & she made a beeline for the garage. I recognized her instantaneously, because she has been to our apartment to service the plan in the past. I did not have time to clean up the kitchen, & the two of us had dishes scattered all about the room. There was plates, knives, & forks left over from breakfast, & even a dirty pot in the sink. There was laundry all over the floor in the garage, & the youngsters bikes were all over the garage. I tried to make a walking path, however the HVAC professional was moving faster than me. She finished the regular service appointment in record time, & she did not find any real problems. She adjusted to of the electric wires, because the screw was coming loose, then other than that, everything was in good shape. She handed me a bill for the service appointment, & I reached into our wallet for some currency. Unfortunately, I must have left our wallet somewhere else. I searched all over our wallet, although I couldn’t find the checkbook, our wallet, or any currency. I must have looked like a fool, however the HVAC representative was kind & helpful. She wrote me a bill, & told me that I had 30 afternoons to pay the fee. I searched all over the condo for an hour, before I found our wallet in the washing machine.
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