That was an important investment

For the past month or so I have really been enjoying going to the library. As a kid in my town, it was never a cool thing to hang out at the library. The library was where all of the nerds would hang out, the cool kids were supposed to hang out at the skatepark or at the community swimming pool. Now that i am a full grown adult, I have finally been able to open my eyes to the major perks of libraries. For starters, the free air conditioning is amazing! The a/c unit in our little apartment is very old and weak, so whenever I am working from home on tuesdays and thursdays I was always finding myself getting super overheated. Now that I am hitting up the library instead, I am able to have full access to their high speed wifi, along with some top notch air conditioning to keep me super cooled off even on the most hot and humid of summer days! One of the coolest things that happened to me happened last week when I was doing some work. There was a nice younger man who sat next to me, and I noticed he was doing some research on a/c units on his computer. I asked him if he was looking to buy a new air conditioning unit to make some smalltalk, and it turned out he was an HVAC service repair tech. After talking for over an hour, he offered to come over and patch up my a/c unit, free of charge! With the luck I have been having I will stick to hanging out in the library.

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A security guard who has access to the thermostat during the graveyard shift

I am a security guard at a large banking company headquarters downtown. I’m on the graveyard shift, so the only employees that I typically see are those that are working late in the office, janitorial staff, and fellow security guards. I am the kind of person that has always been selfless when it comes to the protection of others and I’m proud to be a security guard and entirely willing to do everything necessary to keep the employees and customers safe. Despite all of that, the job can indeed be boring. I’m pretty grateful that I have a social life and a wife and kid, in that regard. Whenever I arrive, around sundown every day, the building always seems to be ridiculously cold. The powers to be seem to like it frigid in the building, but I have my own ideas about comfort. I managed to find a way to access the thermostats near my typical posts. As I said, there’s not too many people in the building at all during my shift, so nobody really minds if I adjust the temperatures to my liking. The other security guards feel the same, so I’m not alone in thinking that the building is kept ridiculously cold. I had been adjusting the temperature to my liking for several months, thinking nothing of it, when suddenly one night, as I was walking up to the thermostat shortly after the beginning of my shift, I saw a little sticky note asking people not to mess with it.This did not deter me in the least from setting a temperature I prefer, just as I always had. If whoever left a note wants to find out who is changing the temperature, they would have to access the video footage from the cameras, and guess who has the access to that!

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Boiler and heated floors are ideal heating system for cold weather area –

In the area where I live, the winter season is the priority.  The cold weather tends to last about eight months, with temperatures frequently dropping into the negative digits and a tremendous amount of snow.  Having a powerful, reliable and energy efficient heating system is a priority. My home is outfitted with a condensing boiler, which easily handles the most severe winter conditions.  The boiler is a compact unit located in the basement that is linked to a series of pipes hidden beneath the floor of the home. The pipes create a closed system that loops and carries heated water to every room.  The heat is spread evenly across the floor, from wall to wall and corner to corner. Rather than blowing heated air, the heat is infused into the air, keeping the highest temperatures closest to the floor. There is very little temperature stratification between the floor and the ceiling.  Plus, the heated floors avoid the problem of drafts, cold spots and the influx of air contaminants. The equipment is entirely hidden beneath the floor, taking up no living space and never detracting from aesthetics. I don’t need to arrange my furniture to accommodate vents. The heated floors are entirely silent, require no maintenance and allow lower thermostat settings than a conventional forced air furnace.  They also accommodate zoned heating, so that I can customize comfort room to room. It is such a pleasure to get out of bed on a cold winter morning and set my bare feet on warm floors. The only drawback of the system is that it doesn’t offer cooling capability. In my local area, I’ve never needed air conditioning.

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Heat in the reptile rooms

My wife absolutely loves the zoo. She could spend all day watching the gorillas play in their enclosure. Our Zoo has a very nice display of white rhinos, African elephants, and even several species of antelope. We have season passes to the zoo, so we can go anytime. I don’t prefer to go during the summer months, because the temperatures are always too hot and humid. Even the animals seem lethargic, and the high temperatures often have them indoors. They close the zoo if the temperatures are too high, in order to keep all of the animals inside in the air conditioning. My wife suggested going to the zoo last month, and I thought it was a great idea. The new Buffalo exhibit opened up, and I was excited to see everything. I thought the temperatures would be chilly, but I didn’t anticipate freezing weather. We left the house, thinking that the temperatures would warm up like normal. I wore a light jacket and my wife wore a sweatshirt. We were cold the whole day. We kept dipping into the reptile rooms, because they had heat. There are three different reptile rooms located throughout the zoo. Each one of them are equipped with a climate control system that has heat and air conditioning. My wife and I were happy to spend a few extra minutes looking at the cobras, constrictors, and amphibians. The heated area felt really nice, and made the day and cold temperatures bearable. My wife and I managed to have a pretty nice time at the zoo, despite the freezing cold temperatures. Later that evening, we had to turn on the heat for the first time this season.

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New car problems

I am totally in love with my new car. The sound system is really great. When I have the bass on three, the whole car seems to shake. The factory sound system is better than most cars and trucks. The leather seats have personal warmers, so I can keep my butt warm, if the days are cold. My new car even gets almost 40 miles to the gallon. At $3 for a gallon of gas, that is a really big deal. My new car has pretty rims that are shiny, metallic, and a cool neon green color. They even painted the spoiler with the color that I specifically chose. I have a great navigation system with a 12in screen, and DVD players in both of the back seats. This car could be the most amazing thing in my life, if the air conditioner wasn’t broken. Today is the second time I have put my new car in the shop, and I have had that car for only 6 months. The air conditioner was an issue shortly after I purchased the new car. The car dealership said some program issues prevented the air conditioner from working properly. I didn’t understand, but they managed to fix the air conditioner in a few hours. The air conditioner gave me problems again last weekend, when my wife and I went to the beach. Of all days to have air conditioner problems, it had to be the day when the temperatures were almost 98 degrees. The air conditioner hasn’t worked since that day, and now it’s in the dealership. I don’t know how long it will take to fix the problem.

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She does not own a/c

My best friend does not have air conditioning and she is unapologetic about it. She feels that it is a waste of money since we live in the northern region of the country. Because most of our year is chilly, she doesn’t think it’s necessary to pay for central air that will only be utilized for a few months of the year. I admire her passion, but I don’t share it. She always invites me over to her house, and I usually enjoy it, but in the summer, I am always trying to urge her to meet me in a public place or to come over to my house. I am worried about hurting her feelings, so I don’t want to tell her out right that I’d rather be somewhere with air conditioning. I just cannot stand being hot and sticky. It’s always such a wonderful feeling when you’ve been out in the humidity and you finally come inside to cool off. Sometimes I can’t come up with a reason or excuse to get out of going to her house, so I am forced to just suffer through it. I’ve found the best way to avoid this is by being proactive with plans. For example, I make an extra effort to ask my best friend to hang out before she has the chance to. When I ask her to hang out, I make sure that I have a specific plan in my mind before she has the opportunity to suggest that I come stop by her place. This is usually effective. Last week, I asked her to go on a walk with me and stop for lunch. By the end of the walk, we were so hot. The air conditioning at the restaurant felt so amazing and cooled me down instantly. I can’t understand how my friend wouldn’t want to experience the cool air all the time.

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working the summer off

Working as a teacher, I have the summers off. This past year, I decided to spend the summer focusing on getting into fitness and being healthier. I joined a gym near my house and I made a plan for myself. I worked out every other day for roughly 2 hours each day, and I also made a new diet plan to follow. I normally enjoy these workouts a lot, but one day, there had been an issue with the heating and cooling at the gym. Normally, I am greeted with a gust of cool air. Even when it’s boiling hot outside, I am always cool and comfortable throughout my workouts at the gym. That’s why I was shocked to walk into a hot, sticky environment that day. The air conditioning system was making a strange, concerning sound, so the staff called an HVAC technician to come take a look. In order to repair the damages, the HVAC technician was forced to turn the air conditioning system completely off. While the servicing and repairs only took a couple of hours, the gym had gotten substantially warm. I tried to stay to workout, but I was so hot. With all of the people around and the door constantly opening to the outside to let people in and out, the gym was just not a comfortable temperature for a workout. I stayed for as long as I could, but I only made it through about half the length of my typical workout. The trainers at the gym assured me that everything would be fixed by the end of the day. When I finally returned to the gym, I was once again met with a gust of cool air. I swear, the HVAC technician must have done a really good job because the cool air felt even better than it normally did!

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Stressed because the ac isn’t working

I have a very stressful job. I wake up every morning around four and don’t typically get home from work until after seven. Since I work such long and weird hours it makes it almost impossible for me to have kind of social life. I have tried dating in the past, but that doesn’t usually work out well. They person I am dating normally get annoyed that I care more about my job than the relationship. However, it is true, I really do care more about my job than any relationship I have ever been in. I know at some point in my life this will change, but for now I am happy with the way that things are going. Well, that was until last week when I came home from another long day at the office and my HVAC system was making the strangest noise. It sounded terrible so I just turned the whole heating and cooling system off and called a local HVAC company to make an appointment. It took forever for us to agree upon a time because of my schedule but we ended up finding a time slot that worked for both of us. I am a little nervous that on the day of the appointment I am going to have to reschedule because of a work conflict. I know this is a busy HVAC company and I don’t’ want to waste their time, but they are the best HVAC company around. I am going to take my chances because I only want the best HVAC company looking at my HVAC system.

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Lucky to be alive – carbon monoxide poisoning

For the past couple of weeks I have been feeling a little bit off lately. It is really hard to explain the feeling, but I have had a constant headache and I feel really light headed. I can’t quite figure out what might be going on so I decided to go to my doctor for a check up. My doctor told me to look around my house and see if there is anything that looks like it could be producing toxins in the air. I really didn’t know what I was looking for, but the air seemed fine to me. However, I know this could be a more serious issue, so I decided to call a local HVAC company to come over and service my HVAC system just to be sure that nothing serious is going on. When the HVAC technician came over to the house, right away I could tell something was wrong. He went over to my HVAC unit and asked me when was the last time I changed my air filter. I honestly couldn’t remember, so that is what I said. He told me that because the air filter was so clogged that somehow carbon monoxide was being released into my home. He said if I had waited any longer to call him then I would have had a major problem on my hands. I am so glad that I went ahead and made the appointment with the HVAC technician and I promised myself I would be better going forward.

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Beating the summer rush by getting my air conditioner serviced in Spring

The town that I live in is right on the beach and we get extreme summer weather each year. Normally, the temperatures reach at least one hundred degrees by the end of May and by August we are well into the triple digits. I have lived in this area my whole life and I love that we don’t have any crazy cold winter weather. I really don’t like being cold but that is probably because I have lived in this area my whole life. I don’t ever plan on leaving either. I want to raise my family in this climate too. I have found that during these hot summer months, many people wait to have their cooling systems serviced until it is too late. I am the exact opposite of these people. I like to make sure that I have my cooling system serviced by a HVAC professional a couple of months before the hot summer weather, doing this helps to insure I won’t have any trouble cooling down my house in the summer. I have friends that wait until the last second to have their cooling systems serviced have to wait months for the HVAC company to come out to their homes because they are so slammed. I don’t want my HVAC system to stop working right in the middle of the summer because that would be awful. I make sure that I am always on top of this because it is better to be safe than sorry.

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