Water issues

Last week, I had decided it was time to clean the basement.

I had some things stored down there and I wanted to see what I really wanted to keep.

I hadn’t expected it to be so dusty down there and by the time I was done, I was in desperate need of a long hot bath. I turned on the hot water and I headed out to get my towels and clean clothing. I stepped into the tub and my husband heard my scream all the way in his workshop. He came running in and found me wrapped in his bathrobe and shivering. He went to the basement to look at the hot water heater and he declared it done. The hot water heater needed to be replaced. He told me that it would take about an hour, but he would disconnect the hot water heater and turn on the boiler. Our boiler is what we use for heating during the winter. We only use the electric hot water heater during the summer when the boiler isn’t working. The only problem with using the boiler is that we have to make sure the thermostats are all turned low. I would hate to have heat coming into the house when it is already seventy degrees outside. An hour later, he had hot water for my bath and I was really happy. I guessed we would be heading out for a new electric hot water heater in the morning. I forgot how much longer it took to heat water with the boiler than it does to heat water in the hot water tank.

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We’re tired of the humidifier

We started our portable humidifier when we first turned on the furnace.

We wanted to make sure we didn’t have a repeat of past years. The humidity in our home, when we have the furnace running, is low that we both feel ready back. Without the humidifier, our humidity will drop down to less than 20%. My husband hands and feet will crack and bleed, then he has a difficult time doing anything. My skin gets grey and ashy. The skin will actually flake off. My hair gets so brittle that I end up with bald spots. My allergy get really bad and all I do is blow my nose all winter long. At first we thought it was the furnace and that it needed clean. Then they told us that our boiler didn’t need cleaning, and we didn’t have any ductwork. We had to purchase a couple of portable humidifier to offset the dryness of the heating. The humidifier brought up the humidity to more than 40%. My husband quit cracking, and I quit flaking. The humidifier was doing its job, but we were working really hard for the humidity. We had to run up and down the steps, several times a day, to keep water in the humidifier reservoir. It was costing us a lot of money to keep filters that make sure there is no germs going into the air. My husband is already tired of the portable humidifier and he is going to purchase a whole home humidifier that works with the furnace whenever it is running.



Tampa bay traffic nightmare

Normally, heading out to Tampa, is just a forty-five minute trip.

It was a particularly hot day and instead of lounging by our pool, we decided to head out to Clearwater Beach.

Clearwater Beach is just a short ride outside of Tampa. We had out to Clearwater Beach right after we thought the heaviest amount of traffic should be dying down. We were only about half an hour out of our town, when the traffic was beginning to pick up. Ten minutes later, we were in a full-bore traffic jam. We were going to try to go around the traffic jam, but every exit in all directions, was completely shut off. There were traffic police all over and they were telling people to sit tight. They were going to get the traffic straightened out as soon as possible. An hour later, we were in fear of running out of gas. We had now been stuck in traffic for about an hour and a half. They told us there was an accident on the freeway. A fertilizer truck had collided with two other vehicles. What normally took us forty-five minutes ended up being a three hour nightmare. We grabbed a hotel room when we arrived at Clearwater Beach and sat down in the air conditioning and took a deep breath. We turned on the news and found out that no was seriously injured, but everyone had to be transported to the hospital. We were glad no one had been seriously injured and we were now looking forward to a nice weekend. It was a bit too hot for us to be sitting out on the beach for very long, but we spent some time walking in sand at sunset.



Where Should I go?

When our kids are released from school for their summer vacation, all we seem to be doing all summer long, is trying to entertain them.

Now that they are getting older, they spend most of their time with friends.

We still like to get in a week and a couple weekends where it is just our family. Although we have family that lives close to Tampa, Florida, it had been a while since we had been there. We thought that if we took the kids to Tampa, Florida, we could spend a couple nights with our relatives and save a bit of money. We knew we would be buying our food, souvenirs, and needing money for entertainment. We thought visiting our family would save us some money so we could afford to do more. We talked to the kids about Tampa, Florida, and they were thrilled. Our youngest wanted to go on the boat trip and see the dolphins. My wife was happy to just do things as a family. Our oldest two wanted to go to Weeki Wachee Spring so they could see the mermaids. My son smiled over seeing mermaids, and I’m sure he was picturing swimming with them since he is fifteen. We’ll be heading to Tampa, Florida in the middle of June and we know it is going to be warm. We’ll be looking for some indoor activities, like the exhibits at the Florida aquarium. We’ll be doing a lot of visiting to the various springs that are in the area. We know we’ll be making a lot of memories with our kids. We still had memories from when we were there for our tenth anniversary.

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Overnight stays in Tampa Bay

We headed on over to Ybor City to take in the richness of the area and sip on some margaritas.

I have a job that demands my spending a strenuous amount of overtime hours, mandatorily. I also do a lot of work around the house, so when I get some time off, I want to get away and relax. My wife on the other hand, works from home. She is the picture of frugality and she does not want to waste money. Whenever I mention getting away and going to Tampa Bay for a weekend, she instantly shuts me down. I insisted this time, since we both deserved a weekend in Tampa Bay. We were able to get a really nice hotel room that overlooked the bay and had amazing view of the bridge. We headed to Tampa Bay as soon as I got off shift on Thursday night. We had a lovely dinner at one of the many seafood restaurants and then took in a live rock and roll band at a local club. The next day, we had the opportunity to take a boat tour in Tampa Bay. We got to see a pod of Dolphins as they played in the bay. We headed on over to Ybor City to take in the richness of the area and sip on some margaritas. We had a great time salsa dancing and headed back to the hotel, tired and yet sated from the delicious Cuban sandwich we had ever eaten. We met some people who lived not far from us, and spent the rest of our long weekend, palling around with them and having a wonderful time. We had such an amazing time in Tampa Bay, that none of us wanted to return home and get back to work.

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When all else fails, make a powerpoint

My wife is the type of woman guy always needs to be convinced to do something.

She is an amazing lady that is also a hard worker, but she is very stubborn.

That’s just how she is! For example, for the past 10 years we have had the same old and bulky heater gas furnace and I was living room. Fun things to do as a child, but every year the performance seems to keep dropping lower and lower. I have been wanting to make the change over to radiant heated flooring for a long time now, but my wife been I have been wanting to make the change over to radiant heated flooring for a long time now, but my wife being the stubborn person but she is wasn’t willing to make the upgrade. She thought that the radiant heated flooring would be far too expensive, and the monthly savings that we would have on our monthly energy cost wasn’t nearly as much as I thought it would be. play my last ditch effort to try and convince my wife to make the switch over to radiant flooring, I spent all night working on a PowerPoint presentation highlighting the pros and the luxuries of making the change to radiant floor and, along with the cost benefits. When I presented it to my wife the next day, she was surprised to say the very least. My wife is a stubborn lady and that is no question, but she is always willing to listen to facts. They could clearly see how and why the radiant heated flooring upgrade would be worth the extra cost, and the very next day I scheduled a meeting with The Local hvac Company to have the floors installed. Thankfully now we are able to throw away that old heated gas furnace!

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Getting serious about the heating unit

Before my wife and I had our first baby, we never really paid much attention to the status of our heating and cooling unit.

We both have full-time jobs and we’re pretty busy during the week, so we will do our best to check up on the unit then we could.

Death of a lack of annual service that are heating and cooling unit have, we would often have to deal with long periods of the heating and cooling unit pumping out hot air, causing the entire house to feel super humid. Other days, we will have to deal with the total opposite. We never really had any problem with this to be totally honest with you. what’s my wife was pregnant with our first baby, we finally realized thanks to our parents that a house with unstable temperatures and an unreliable heating and cooling unit well cause the newborn baby extreme discomfort. this one turn lead to a lock of the biggest sleeping, eating, which nobody wants to deal with. We ended up shopping around and talking to up to you friends who have had to deal with the arrival of babies, and they all recommended that we make the upgrade to radiant flooring. With radiant flooring, you don’t have to worry about kids messing around with the heating and cooling unit, and it is much more silent than the average speed a gas furnace. Looking back on it now, we are so glad that our friends are committed radiant heated flooring and it is really worked out for us and our growing family.

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2 Days With No HVAC Unit

I had a real bad thing happen to me back in the fall.

My entire heating and air conditioning system broke down.

The really bad part about it all was that the heating and air conditioning company did not have any heating and cooling specialists available for 2 whole days! At first I was freaking out. I was wondering how in the whole wide world I was going to get by without my heating and air conditioning system for two full days! Then, I realized that the weather outside was not too hot, and not too cold, so I could open windows in the day time hours, and just close them at night. The 2 days without my heating and air conditioning system was something I had to get used to. But thankfully, it really all worked out ok thanks to the decent outdoor weather conditions we had at the time. Going without heating and air conditioning for two days in the fall season really got me thinking about what they used to do for heating and cooling back before the technology of air conditioning and heating. For heating I know they lit fires. But what did they do for air conditioning on really hot days and nights? It is really scary to think about! Maybe that is why people died so much younger in the old days. Who knows. All I know, is that I was so glad to finally have my central heating and air conditioning system back up and finally working a few days later! It was a true breath of fresh air!



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Fireplace On Fire

I am not sure if this makes any sense or not, but my fireplace recently was on fire! And when I say that, I am talking about it being an electric fireplace. The electric fireplace is not supposed to have real fire going on. However, there was a short in my electric fireplace and the thing literally caught fire! You may think that could have been a great thing. Having a fireplace that was fake becoming a real fireplace. It was not great by any means! The fire that happened in the electric fireplace could have caused my entire home to burn down! I was lucky enough to put out the fire from my electric fireplace pretty quickly. Once it was out, the very next day I called a fireplace specialist from the local shop in town that I bought the electric fireplace from in the first place. The specialist came out to my home and found what had caused the short in the electric fireplace. The fireplace specialist also told me that I was lucky to have caught it as the fire broke out. If I had not been right there, as I said, my entire home could have burnt down! I decided to get rid of the electric fireplace and not have the specialist repair it. I think what I am going to do after I get a refund, is look into possibly getting either a gas fireplace or building a real fireplace on to my home as a renovation addition! Both of those options seem to be a lot safer after this experience.
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Needing New Air Filters

It may sound like something simple, but getting air filters that are the right ones for a brand new heating and air conditioning system is not easy.

I recently got a new heating and air conditioning system in my house about 6 months ago.

The air filters I had bought for it were not the kind that were doing the job right. I had to do a lot of online research on the internet. I was searching air filters as well as the make and model of my brand new heating and air conditioning system. After a lot of digging, I finally found the proper air filter for my new heating and air conditioning system! The next step was trying to find a store or heating and cooling business local to me that carried these air filters. That was a whole other task! I called about 6 different heating and air conditioning suppliers before I finally found one that had the air filters I needed for my new heating and air conditioning system. They were actually on sale at the heating and cooling supplier I found them at. That was a real lucky thing. Because these air filters that I had to get for my brand new and very up to date heating and air conditioning system were normally pretty pricey! The minute I got home with my pack of new air filters, I put them into the heating and air conditioning system. My new HVAC system was working really nice! It also helped the air quality too believe it or not. I never thought getting air filters would be such a big task!

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