Doesn’t hurt to learn about convection heating equipment

Convection gas heating equipment is a type of gas furnace that utilizes convection to convey heat through the movement of gas or liquid.

  • A convection gas furnace works very similarly to a convection oven and is much different from conduction or radiant heating since it relies on the movement of air.

It pretty much functions by warming your room from the top down. A convection gas furnace basically depends on the air properties to rise when sizzling and fall when cool. Unlike radiant heating equipment that utilizes electromagnetic waves to transmit heat, convection gas heating equipment uses the air itself! The process involves convection currents that make their way throughout the body of the gas furnace and across the heating element. The heat produced is transmitted to the surrounding air, causing the heated air to expand and rise! Naturally, tepid air has a lower density when compared to cool air. This is among the most necessary concepts in convection heating! While heated air rises and displaces your room temperature air, the cooler air comes into contact with your convection heater equipment. As a result, it gets heated up also. The process then repeats, tepid air rises, your room temperature air gets displaced near your heater. This process constantly happens until you eventually turn off your convection heater equipment, either through an automatic shut off if your gas furnace equipment has that actual feature. Automatic convection gas heating equipment turns off once the desired room temperature has been met. Also, certain convection gas heating equipment is designed with a fan to speed up drawing in cool air and pushing out the heated air. Convection gas heating equipment is honestly the most efficient type of gas heating for whole-property heating.

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