His antique chair was about to be redone.

When I was cleaning the attic in my parents’ home, I unearthed several pieces of antique furniture.

I couldn’t believe what good shape these items were in.

Mom told me she didn’t even know the furniture was up there and it must have been put up there when she was a kid. Mom and dad had lived in the house that my grandma and grandpa owned. When mom and dad downsized and moved into a condo, they gave the house to me. I think I was the first person to go through the attic since my grandma and grandpa lived there. I knew grandpa was a lawyer when he was younger and I was sure this old furniture was once in his office. The furniture was in wonderful shape, but I wanted to have it redone. I took it to a furniture restorer. I told him that I wanted a custom job done on the chair and desk. At one time, the desk had leather inserted all around the edges of the desk. I told them I wanted the furniture restored to its natural beauty. A custom furniture job like this one was going to be expensive, but he said it could be done. He also told me that to redo the leather chair would take away from its worth as an antique. I didn’t care about its worth as an antique. What I wanted was to have the leather chair and desk customized so that it looked like new. It was my grandfather’s and it deserved to be used and loved the same as I imagined he had done.

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