Using a virtual gym during quarantine

The quarantine was really rough on me at first.

I am a social butterfly, I used to go out five or six nights a week, even if I didn’t have anyone to go and see. I liked hitting a few bars in one night, just for a single drink at each place, just to talk to people. Having to stay in one place for months on end was torture, and at a certain point I realized that if I was going to miserable anyway, I might as well put that misery towards a good purpose. I set up a little home gym in my living room, in front of the TV, and I started making myself exercise every single day. It helped to get that extra energy out, but it was still missing something… until I found the virtual gym. It is basically a hub of users who all do what I do, and use a home gym during the quarantine but miss the social aspect. It uses Zoom to set up rooms that people can log into based on what part of the virtual gym they are using. If you are taking online yoga classes, you can sign in and share screens with other people taking yoga classes. They have these for cross fit, weight lifted, cardio, aerobics, and a dozen other kinds of workout classes. Just like at the real gym, it can be distracting, but for me going to the gym wasn’t just about exercise, it was about interacting with people who shared my interests. Now I get that at home!

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