The air conditioning in restaurants must be efficient

Thai food is my favorite and if I could eat it every day, I would.

As a matter of fact, I would hire a personal chef to prepare Thai food whenever I craved it.

In addition to being fresh, Thai dishes are very flavorful. Thai curries are delicious. I regularly enjoy the basil fried rice. I frequent the same Thai restaurant almost every week, and the owner knows my usual order. Each time I call in, she asks if I want the usual, and I always laugh and confirm that I do want the usual. In my regular order, I order basil fried rice and a Pang Nang curry with vegetables. This is usually picked up on my way home. I placed an order last Monday, and stopped in to pick it up. Upon entering the restaurant, I noticed that the front door was open. I nevertheless walked in. At the counter, I realized the reason for the open door. The air conditioning system was inoperative. The owner told me she was waiting for her HVAC worker to come and service the air conditioner. But she said they would not be able to come for two more days. In reply, I mentioned that a friend of mine owns a commercial HVAC company in our town, and I could have him stop by the next day. It was obvious that she was moved by my offer, as her face lit up. It was the least I could do to assist her. It will be hard to run a restaurant without an air conditioner.
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