Getting dad set with good HVAC

It’s really sort of weird to be looking after my dad a lot more since he decided to move down here.

The man was my idol and has been such a great father to me.

From the great house with central air conditioning and plenty of cool stuff to helping me get through college, that man was always there for me. So, it’s my pleasure to be able to return the favor now that he’s getting up in years. My mom died more than ten years ago so my dad is pretty much used to living on his own. Of course, it was tough for him when mom passed as they were such great partners. But he stayed in the family home until about a year ago. Then it got to the point that it was just too much for him and he decided to upgrade the HVAC equipment and sell it. Dad was also tired of dealing with a winter that took a gas furnace. I live in the south and have since college. So dad decided to get a condo down here and trade that gas furnace in for a heat pump. It’s actually turned out really great to be truthful. I love the fact that I can give back in whatever way I can for all the stuff my dad did for me. He didn’t have to do all the things he did and just helping him out in this stage of life is an honor. One of the first things I did once he move down here was to straighten out his HVAC equipment. The condo came as is and needed an HVAC equipment upgrade. So I had a buddy of mine, who works for a local HVAC company, take care of that and slide me the bill.

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