Heat pump installation for an existing residential home

The HVAC unit in our home was due for a change after nine years of service.

We needed a new heating and cooling system, and it was only reasonable to consult an HVAC professional to learn more about heating and cooling systems. The installation was urgent because the old unit failed at the beginning of winter, and we needed a long-term solution to help with indoor comfort and whole home heating. The heating dealer took us through several options, but we were most impressed by the heat pump, which was a total transformation from what we had before. Before we purchased the new unit, the heating technician had to inspect the entire home to assess the pump size; we’d need to achieve optimum efficiency and the type that would be suitable for us. We left the expert to handle the heat pump installation, which needed to be connected to our existing heating and cooling system and the home’s electric system for the power required to run warm or cool air, depending on the season. The expert from the heating company also installed a smart thermostat which would help in programming the temperatures in the home depending on our needs. That was a plus for us because we have some days away from home during winter when we visit our parents for the holiday season, and we could make the system energy efficient without turning it off. Once the installation was complete, we had the first test to check whether it was working since it was an addition to an existing unit. The final information we got from the heating industry expert was on heater maintenance and how and when it needed to be done to ensure it retained optimum performance and efficacy.


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