Replacing a furnace with a heat pump

We built our home ten years ago, and our primary heating source was a furnace, but at the start of 2022, we decided to transition to a heat pump.

We needed new heating equipment, so the heating technician had tabled a heat pump installation as a more energy-efficient option.

The furnace was powered by propane gas which has become very expensive, so we needed a unit that would help with indoor comfort without increasing our energy bills. Our neighbors with a similar house had already transitioned with the help of an HVAC professional from a heating company in our area, and they recommended it. They told us that the new unit handles their home heating needs during winter and keeps the home cool in the summer heat at a lower cost than the furnace. Initially, we were worried about the heat pump’s price, but our heating dealer assured us we would recover the amount spent by saving on energy bills. There was also the probability of getting a tax refund from the energy company after buying it so that we would save some money on equipment costs. We settled on a ductless system and had it installed with a smart thermostat to help us program temperatures in all the rooms. We could buy everything we needed from one heating business that also provided us with a heating industry expert to handle the installation and testing of the unit. It’s been four days since we installed the new system, and we have no complaints. We have only scheduled heater maintenance once a year or when necessary to ensure it retains its optimal condition. Hopefully, we’ll have our tax refund soon.


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