Speculation on how many time your HVAC system should be checked

In the morning before I leave to go to work I try to wake up at least 30 minutes early to watch the news.

Most the time I watch the news on TV but if I’m running late I’ll read some articles online.

Sometimes there are certain platforms where I cannot trust the news that I’m reading. I try to go to big name news to receive most of my information. Yesterday I was reading an article on how many times a yearly HVAC system inspection should occur. It said that you should have your HVAC system checked by a local HVAC professional at least three times a year. However there are other HVAC experts saying that your system will be ok if there is at least one annual furnace inspection. In having at least one annual furnace inspection service this will prolong the life of the system. Plus it’ll save energy and decrease health risks in your home. At this point I believe that you should at least have it checked once a year. If you don’t have an HVAC system check you should start having it and ask your HVAC technician how many times your HVAC system should be checked. He may know more answers depending on the size of your home, the size and type of your HVAC system. Sometimes it may not be best to read things online, but instead go to the professionals who have more information and advice on HVAC systems.
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Getting my hair cut and sweating due to lack of air conditioning system

I’m the type of girl who always has to get things professionally done.

  • A lot of my friends laugh at me because they think that I am high maintenance.

I guess you could say that the reason for this was a situation that happened when I was 14 years old. I figured that it would be a good idea for me to pluck my own eyebrows. Instead I ended up making my eyebrows look completely flat. I was picked on in high school for it and until that point on I decided to get them professionally done, including my hair. Just this last week I got my hair trimmed and highlighted. My roots were showing dramatically so I needed something to be done ASAP. So I made an appointment with my hairdresser, while she was working on my hair we heard a sudden loud screech. The hairdresser told me that it was the air-conditioning system and that they have had problems with it all day and they were trying to get a hold of her HVAC provider but couldn’t. I gave my hairdresser the phone number to my HVAC provider in hopes that they would get it fixed before my next visit in four weeks. I cannot stand being warm. I was so warm throughout my entire hair appointment that I was getting very agitated. I hope that they get their air-conditioning system fixed or else they will lose a lot of clientele. Not to mention if they do call my local HVAC provider they will be impressed with the quality of his work.


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Different type of HVAC systems when living in the south and the northeast

I certainly do love this time of year.

However I will miss the feeling of warm weather and every weekend going to the lake.

My family and I during the summertime go to the lake to kayak and relax on the boat. Now that it is getting so much chillier in the evenings and the days are getting shorter the days at the lake are coming to an end. It does feel nice though to go into a new season since there are some regions in United States that don’t get to experience the four seasons. Where I live in the Northeast we do get to experience the four seasons. But it seems like we experience winter much longer. Whereas compared to the south where my sister lives she only gets about two weeks of cold weather throughout the year. She told me that she uses a mini split HVAC system since she mostly uses her air-conditioning system. When it is cold though she will shut her air conditioning off and close her windows to maintain a comfortable temperature in her home. Where I live up north we use both air-conditioning and the furnace system. Our furnace system gets used about four months out of the year. Since we use it more longer than in some regions we have an HVAC technician come and take a look at our furnace before we use it for the season. It’s important to have your HVAC system maintananced and checked to ensure that everything is running properly before you start using it in the cold temperatures of the winter.

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Choosing a venue and having the heating and cooling system be a big factor

I really wanted a venue that had air conditioning because a lot of my friends and family who I invited love to dance and have fun

In just 10 short days I will be married to the love of my life. I can remember a year ago trying to plan the entire wedding and stressing out about it. I’m getting somewhat nervous and I’m hoping that everything will go according to plan. But I’m not nervous to marry my best friend because we have been waiting for this day for many years. I am so incredibly excited for this new chapter in our lives. When it came to planning the wedding there is a lot behind it. Thankfully I had a lot of help from my maid of honor which is my sister. I wanted to choose a venue for my reception that would have both outdoor and indoor access. I was able to find a perfect reception that was only 45 minutes from my hometown. One of the main reasons that really got me hooked to the venue was the heating and cooling. At any point in time I was told that if I was feeling hot or cold that we had access to adjusting the thermostat. All we had to do was tell the venue manager. I really wanted a venue that had air conditioning because a lot of my friends and family who I invited love to dance and have fun. Plus a lot of the other weddings that I’ve been to have been really hot and humid due to lack of air conditioning and no vents with cold air coming out of them. I think all wedding venues should have some kind of temperature controlled system so their customers and guest will remain happy throughout the entire celebration.

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Needing to get furnace checked before colder winter rolls around

It’s always good to be on top of the game.

I was taught this at a young age to always start things before the deadline and to never wait until the last minute.

As I got older I realized it is harder to be prepared as responsibilities and other things were going on in my life. I tried to keep this motto in the back of my head and I carried it with me to an extent. When it comes to my home I like to always make sure that it is clean and maintained. And the motto certainly carried into properly maintaining my HVAC system, especially the furnace for the winter time. I tried not to wait until the cold weather hits to maintain my furnace. Plus once cold weather does come you will have little effort to call your HVAC technician and you’re not scrambling for help. If your furnace ever does malfunction you could have it properly repaired before any indoor heating is necessary. I like to try to replace the air filter in my furnace at least every three months. I also will consider upgrading the filter or changing it out depending on the wear and what it looks like. I also like to clean my air vents and have my HVAC technician come to my home to clean my air ducts. I try to do all of this in a timely manner and have it all done by the end of October. This gives me enough time to prepare for the colder temperatures ahead.


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The perfect weather; not having to use furnace or air conditioner

I cannot believe that fall is finally upon us.

I can remember being at the lake and relaxing on my family’s boat and wishing that summer would last forever.

Now that it is inevitable to realize that fall weather is here, I am slowly starting to get excited for fall to come and the leaves to start changing. Not only does my birthday fall in the fall season but a lot of my favorite movies air on television and I love the decorations that I see in stores that I can decorate my home. Not to mention the fall brings really lovely and that makes me get into the fall season. I especially love my home during the fall because there are certain days where you don’t have to use your furnace or your air conditioning system to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. All I have to do is open up all the windows in my house and there is no need to run any kind of HVAC system. Where my house is located I’m on top of a small mountain so there’s always a cool breeze during the late evening. A lot of my friends who live in the city always have to use their air-conditioning systems at least until late to early fall because they don’t get a nice fresh cool breeze like I do. However once we hit late October I’m certainly using my furnace to stay warm because the temperatures do get chillier. And I do like the feeling of running my furnace and feeling cozy while watching my favorite fall movies.

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Picking up sister from her new job and hearing that there was no A/C

My sister’s in her junior high school.

I cannot believe that she is that old already.

I remember the same little girl who is just learning how to ride a bike. I can even vividly remember being a junior in highschool. Now I am a graduate from college and I have started my career. My sister is now 16 so she can start working. She works at a wedding venue that is in a renovated barn as a server. She carries out people’s appetizers and dinners and refills their drinks. She likes her job so far but during her first two days of work when I was picking her up she told me that she wanted to quit. I asked her that it doesn’t look good to start a job and then all of a sudden quit. Ther reason why she wanted to was because there is no air conditioning in the venue. I was kind of shocked from her answer because I thought all wedding venues would have some sort of air conditioning. She said that what they do is they have screens and very large doors that they will open up to receive some cool breeze. I thought to myself and wondered how many people that come to the venue and it was something that they wanted to book and once they arrived and saw that there was no air conditioning they completely passed on the venue. I would definitely want some kind of HVAC system at my wedding so that I wouldn’t be sweating in my dress


Picking up sister from her new job and hearing that there was no A/C

Family farm business and installing heating and cooling

I love to farm.

  • I know that there are a lot of people who can’t say that they love to farm but I certainly do.

One of the main reasons for this is that my family has had a farm for four generations. Within all of these generations you can definitely say that we are all hard-working people who are trying to better the farm and improve it as much as we can. My father has decided to hand down the farm to me and now my wife and I are taking it over. Since we have been in the farm business for so long we know the needs in creating a successful farm. Some of these needs are making sure that our market store is up to par. We have just refinished the floors and we’re doing inside renovations that have not been updated in 30 years. One of our main concerns about the renovations is the HVAC system. There was never air conditioning in our market because we decided that the refrigerators that our fruits and vegetables were in would provide a good temperature. After doing some research we have realized that if we kept the surrounding area around the refrigerators cool, it would be keep the produce much longer and fresh. After finding this out we decided to contact our local HVAC provider. Thanks to our HVAC provider we now have a very reliable HVAC system that allows us to control our air conditioning and furnace more than ever before. Plus with the addition of having HVAC zone control it allows us to maintain a cooler temperature near the produce and a warmer temperature near our non-refrigerated products.
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Going out to dinner to have wings and air conditioning blasting.

My friends and I sure do love to go out and eat food when college is in session.

We live in a really big college town and there are a lot of restaurants.

This one restaurant that we love going to has wing night every Wednesdays with twenty cent wings and a bucket of beer for four dollars. we try to get there around 3:30 PM because around dinner time you have to wait almost an hour just to get a table. To make reservations you at least have to make them three weeks in advance. When my friends and I went there we were late so we ended up showing up at the restaurant at 5:30 at night. We had to wait almost an hour but we were able to get good seating so all of us could fit at one table. However where we were seated, it was right in the pathway of the HVAC unit blowing out air. There was such cold air blowing out of the vents on the HVAC unit that it was pretty chilly. At one point my friend was going to tell the waitress if they could turn the HVAC unit down and set the temperature on the thermostat to a much more warmer temperature. But my friend got lucky because before she could complain the wings came. Once we started eating we began to sweat because we like to eat hot buffalo wings. I figured that was the reason why the air conditioning was set so high because when people are eating the wings they wouldn’t sweat as much and complain that they would be hot.


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Seeing HVAC unit installed into ceiling at a college dorm

Her other three roommates had the same exact thing in their room

Just this past weekend my boyfriend and I decided to go to his sisters college to meet up and have dinner. His sister is in her junior year of college and she seems like she’s liking it so much better than when she did in the beginning. Now she has really close friends and they all live together in a small town house. This townhouse is very roomy and nice especially for college housing. When I had a college town house there it was no bigger than three decent size bedrooms put together. Her townhouse is very large and it is two stories. It was my first time there so she gave me a tour of her townhouse. When she showed me her room I looked up and saw that her HVAC unit was installed into the ceiling. I thought that was really cool and I’ve never seen that kind of HVAC system installed like that before. She even had access to her own thermostat in her room. This allowed her to change the the temperature depending on what it was like outside and how she was feeling. Her other three roommates had the same exact thing in their room. I thought it was very convenient and very accessible considering the fact that the townhouse that I lived in there was only one thermostat and that controlled the entire townhouse not just single rooms. The housing that I lived in should at least had some kind of zone control because my roommates and I would fight over what temperature we should set the thermostat to.

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