My Mom found some bees in the ground

My Mom is truly unique about his lawn repair, however he takes better care of his lawn plus his landscaping than anyone else that I know.

He’s constantly outside puttering around in the garden, planting current flowers or shrubs, or trimming up the trees.

So when he found ground bees in the backyard, he was super worried plus annoyed! I told him that he should truly call a bee removal expert to get rid of the ground bees, although he laughed at me. He told me that he was going to get rid of the bees the aged fashioned way. I didn’t even suppose what he was talking about, so I stuck around to watch his method in action. Once he figured out where the bees were flying in plus out of, he got right to work. First, he tried pouring boiling water into the entrance of the nest. He said that the boiling water would kill all of the bees in the nest on contact, but of course that wouldn’t affect any bees that were out flying around. To take care of those bees, he had a unusual plan. So that night, after the other bees had a option to get back to the nest, our Mom took a fantastic pressing clear glass cucumber jar plus put it down over the entrance to the bees’ nest. The next day, when the bees came to fly out of the nest, they were trapped in the glass jar. He said that if the heat from the sunlight in the jar didn’t kill the bees, then the lack of food plus water would. That was all too macabre for me, so I left!




Carpenter bees in the car

I recently found myself in a situation that I can only describe as something out of a horror motion picture.

Well, to me, it was love a horror motion picture because I am terrified of bees.

I don’t suppose why buzzing, flying, stinging insects love bees, wasps, plus hornets disturb me so much, but I can’t kneel to have a single anywhere near me. So the other day, I was walking out to our automobile to head to the grocery store when a bee flew right past our head plus buzzed in our ear, of course, I screamed plus ran to our car, where I thought it was safe, as fast as I could. But then when I got into our car, I was petrified to see bees crawling out of the air vents in our car! Was nowhere safe? So I jumped back out of the automobile plus hid behind a tree. I saw dozens of bees flying in plus out under the hood of our car! I couldn’t think our eyup at first, but sure enough, there were absolutely bees or wasps residing in our car! I didn’t suppose what to do, but I did suppose that I wasn’t going to be able to get rid of them on our own. I ran inside, slammed the door shut, plus called a professional bee removal expert. They said that they have to deal with bees nesting in or around automobile motors respectfully, plus that they would come over in a couple of hours. The funny thing was, they told me not to drive the automobile because that could agitate the bees. I told the bee removal guy that they didn’t need to worry about me going anywhere near our car! The grocery store could absolutely wait until they exterminated all of those evil bees!


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Forgot the appointment for my HVAC unit and I don't have

I searched all over my purse, but I couldn’t find the checkbook, my wallet, or any cash

I had a regularly scheduled maintenance appointment for the HVAC unit today. I knew the appointment was scheduled for a couple of days, but the time slipped my mind completely. When the doorbell rang, I was caught off guard by the HVAC professional. I let the girl into our house, and she made a beeline for the garage. I recognized her immediately, because she has been to our home to maintenance the system in the past. I didn’t have time to clean up the kitchen, and we had dishes scattered all about the room. There was plates, knives, and forks left over from breakfast, and even a dirty pot in the sink. There was laundry all over the floor in the garage, and the kids bikes were all over the garage. I tried to make a walking path, but the HVAC professional was moving faster than me. She finished the regular maintenance appointment in record time, and she didn’t find any real problems. She adjusted to of the electric wires, because the screw was coming loose. Other than that, everything was in great shape. She handed me a bill for the maintenance appointment, and I reached into my purse for some cash. Unfortunately, I must have left my wallet somewhere else. I searched all over my purse, but I couldn’t find the checkbook, my wallet, or any cash. I must have looked like a fool, but the HVAC representative was kind and helpful. She wrote me a bill, and told me that I had 30 days to pay the fee. I searched all over the house for an hour, before I found my wallet in the washing machine.

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Refrigerant is going to be gone soon

Did you know that the AC unit needs refrigerant to convert air into cold air? The liquid refrigerant creates a chemical reaction that chills and freezes the air. Without this special refrigerant, the air isn’t much colder than outside. In fact, the air conditioner is pretty useless without the chemical. I didn’t know much about liquid refrigerant, until my air conditioner stopped working. I read all about the many problems that could occur, and every website made me believe the problem was low refrigerant. Unfortunately, that’s not a problem that I can fix on my own. I had to contact a local HVAC corporation to add refrigerant to my HVAC unit. I wasn’t sure if that would fix the problem, but the HVAC technician check the system first. I was 100% absolutely correct, and the issue was low refrigerant. After adding some R-22 freon, the air conditioner was cool once again. When the HVAC representative presented me with the bill, he also gave me an informative packet on converting from the R32 refrigerant. Apparently, this type of refrigerant is going to be phased out in less than 2 years. My wife and I didn’t know this when we purchased our old air conditioner, and it’s only a few years of age. I guess I will have someone from the HVAC company come over and check the levels, right before the refrigerant becomes obsolete. Then next time, we won’t have any choice but get rid of the old air conditioner and go with something new. I’m not looking forward to that day at all.


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He genuinely adjusted the temperature control settings in the diner with his smartphone!

I went to a pretty nice diner the other day to enjoy a nice lunch outside of work.

The only thing that bothered me was the air quality in that place, as the air quality was just awful from the get-go.

It was such a nice diner from the outside appearance, so I wanted to see if the restaurant manager might adjust the temperature control settings to make it more comfortable for everyone inside. While it was muggy and overheated outside the venue, the interior temperatures matched – that wasn’t good! I figured it was just due to the venue being so packed full of people! I finally asked the manager if he could adjust the temperature control settings, and explained how it was incredibly hot and muggy for all of the customers. He said he did feel a little hot himself, despite the fact that he thought it was because of all the running around, and he appreciated that I brought this up to his attention! I expected him to wander to a thermostat on the wall somewhere, but instead he pulled out his cellphone and tapped on it a few times. Before I could ask what he was doing, the a/c was flowing in the diner! How incredible. I asked him if he just adjusted the temperature control settings on his phone, and he said that they had a smart temperature control system for their HVAC system. I could tell a lot of people in the diner were relieved when the A/C system kicked on!


Her dying wish: “Follow your dreams, now and forever”.

When my grandmother passed, she told myself and others to follow our dreams, no matter what it might cost us to get there.

  • My parents may not have cared for this advice, as they wanted to see me graduate from an Ivy League school with honors.

Truth be told, my grandma’s wishes stuck with more more than anything else. I’d always wanted to get a job where I was able to work on things, and I have always appreciated being able to fix stuff and get it in working condition once more. With that in mind, I decided to go to a trade school to get the HVAC certification I always wanted. My folks initially seemed disappointed by this choice, though they came around after seeing how I absolutely loved my profession. My father is a dentist, my mother is a doctor, and they’ve worked near each other for years. Since they always made great money thought a lot of school was necessary to achieve that level of success, I proved that this wasn’t the case! I was able to get a genuinely fine job, with a minimal amount of schooling involved. I was able to get out in the field in no time after six weeks of training, and then I was making absolutely wonderful money to start with. No student debt, no looming payments for 25 years, none of that! My parents appreciated the fact that I am able to work on their HVAC system too, which I know for a fact has saved them a ton of money. I take a great deal of pride in my line of work and my profession, and one of these days I fully intend to run my own HVAC business. I found my success and followed my dreams, just as my grandma wanted.


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I appreciate being in control of the temperature control settings more than most!

If I were able to park at a drive-in theatre with my spouse, I would experience the ultimate comfort in temperature control now thanks to these upgrades in HVAC for vehicles

I really miss those old drive-in motion picture theatres that you used to be able to find in every single town in this country. Few are still in operation around this area, though many of the ones I visited often are now dismantled. When I used to attend these theaters with my friends, the people I was with and I would just use a blanket to keep warm if it would ever get frosty. It was always such a great time, as it seemed like you had all the time in the world to enjoy the movie with your friends or your date! Such a shame, that I can’t go to venues like that these days. With all the updates in heating and cooling technology you can find in our cars today, it would be better than ever to go to the drive-in now! I have a car equipped with special heating and air conditioning that’s actually built right into the seats themselves. If I were able to park at a drive-in theatre with my spouse, I would experience the ultimate comfort in temperature control now thanks to these upgrades in HVAC for vehicles. We had nothing like this when we were younger and still attending these drive-in theaters, as I feel this is not fair! I don’t have drive-in theatres all over the place anymore to enjoy these lovely features in my car. Well, at least there are still venues around where you can park and have your food brought to you. We love going to places like that now, and when it comes to temperature control settings, we just love being able to use our car as a mobile HVAC system to cool down.


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I absolutely appreciate artwork

Being a big ol’ fan of art means that I will live my life to be an artist.

I was inspired at an early age to get into making artwork, and now as an adult I put together a nice little studio to piece together my art.

One of the most important things I knew was the temperature control system. See, if there’s thing that is of the highest importance when I am working on a new piece, it’s the importance of comfort. I don’t want to have to stop what I am doing every ten minutes, just because I become too cold or overly hot! This can entirely ruin the process of creativity, and I have gotten frustrated with some pieces of art because of that process being disrupted too many times. Since the concern isn’t too high for that happening these days, I’d like to thank my HVAC system with rapid heating and cooling technology for preserving my comfort! With this HVAC system comes a smart temperature control, and HVAC zone control that links back up to the house itself. With this studio being in a zone by itself, I am able to focus heating and cooling as needed in this one spot that I am occupying to paint! I can work many projects simultaneously, and do so without disruption. Though I normally don’t like to be disturbed when I am working, I even have the venue sound-proofed to avoid any further distractions from completing my work. I’ll even go as far as silencing my phone, and only use it to adjust the temperature control settings as needed. Sometimes, it is too hot or too cold – I can fix that just by tapping the buttons on my phone. I love living in this age!

Air conditioning expert

Climate change may still be debated, but there’s nothing fake about needing A/C!

It seems that the people I was with and I have been experiencing some severe temperature changes in the last few years due to changes in the climate on this planet.

Say what you will – there’s a lot of people who deny this phenomenon is absolutely happening.

What about all the scientific evidence, right? That’s not good enough for a lot of people, and personally I don’t absolutely need the scientific evidence to see what is happening to our planet. What concerns me now is that every single spring, I am always having to rush and make sure the a/c system is prepared for the coming summer and the intense heat and humidity it will bring. Truthfully, it seems that every single summer gets worse. With the utility bills climbing steadily each summer just to cool a home, I’ve found it to be too hard to keep up with. How bad will it become? There’s no telling. However, I absolutely do know that this is a real thing, and I need to do something about it soon! Fortunately for me, the HVAC industry is always coming out with better technology and new heating and cooling equipment. The HVAC equipment these days is far more energy efficient than in past few years, and keeping up with current HVAC technology means that the people I was with and I can stay ahead of the temperature changes. I figure I will have to update our cooling system real soon, and that’s mostly just to keep our household cool without having to pay a small fortune on the weekly bills. I want to have energy efficient technology set up, but I also want to have technology that is lean and able to help me reduce my carbon footprint. Is that too much to ask?


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Learn to appreciate jazz, and you’ll learn to appreciate a beautiful genre

I’ve always had a soft spot for jazz tunes, as many of my friends do.

While I appreciate going to weird venues and listening to the tunes, most the venues I go to always have great temperature control and quality air purifiers running at all times. What this means is that you can even see someone smoking a cigar or cigarette, but the air quality doesn’t suffer from their smoking for more than a moment. Then, the air purifier works to eradicate the smoke scent, as well as other smells you might find in these venues. It’s always fresh in the venues that I frequent! There’s absolutely nothing better than wonderful music with some fine food and drinks, especially when the air conditioning system is set to a slightly cool temperature while you’re listening to some of the finest jazz out there. I appreciate to go to the various artist shows around town, hearing that smooth jazz in a lovely air-conditioned venue. I’ll tell you something – when it’s my time to go, they better have two things at my funeral or memorial service: a jazz musician playing a solo for me, and a nice temperature control system to allow everyone to “chill” for a minute with me. If the air quality is perfect at that venue, that would definitely be one of my last and final wishes granted. Until that day comes though, I want to keep frequenting these bars and clubs with excellent heating and air conditioning.

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