Trying to convince my husband to take care of himself

I wish I could talk my husband into working out.

I believe that physical fitness and balanced nutrition should be a staple in everyone’s life.

Determined to live a long and healthy life, I take very good care of my body. I exercise for a minimum of 60 minutes each. I include high intensity aerobics for at least 25 minutes every training session. I lift weights, make sure to stretch the many joints of my body and actively target the improvement of my balance, flexibility and endurance. I am conscientious about my diet. I do not indulge in coffee, fast foods or eat any red meat. I avoid all processed foods, items that are high sodium and limit the amount of sweets I eat. Due to my dedication, I have maintained the same weight since graduating school. I have dealt with no major illnesses or injuries. As I’ve aged, I haven’t slowed down. My husband and I are the same. We are both 56 years old. My husband has put on a significant amount of weight in the last couple of years. He has frequent issues with his hips, knees and back. He won’t do any kind of exercise. He drinks a lot of soda and coffee and his diet is not at all healthy. I worry about his long-term health. I am concerned that while I will continue to be productive and active, he will struggle to keep up. I try to convince him to simply take a walk with me, but he’s not willing. I suggest going for bike rides together but he doesn’t want to. While I workout in the morning, he watches news videos on his phone. I think that his sedentary lifestyle is going to become a concern for him in a few years. Unfortunately, I have found no way to convince him to make changes.


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A stationary bike is the best Christmas present

A little over three years ago, my husband gave me a stationary bike for a Christmas present.

I was truly thrilled with the gift.

I am committed to my fitness level. I workout in some form every day of the week. I pay for a gym membership and typically devote three or four days a week there. On the other days, I enjoy running, swimming or cycling. Unfortunately, the weather doesn’t always allow an outdoor workout. It’s convenient to have an indoor option for exercising. The bike is just ideal. It’s not overly bulky, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space. The operation is almost silent, letting me workout when the rest of the family is asleep, studying or watching a movie on television. Since pedaling causes no impact, the bike allows my joints a much needed break. The seat is especially comfortable and the movement is really smooth. I can easily read on my ipad and play music through a bluetooth speaker while I ride the bike. It’s such a pleasure that I sometimes feel slightly guilty. However, I always burn a great deal of calories in a fairly short amount of time. The bike features a touchscreen display that provides a variety of diverse programs. I can select from biking up and down mountains, endurance training or even create my own program. It can target the completion of a set distance, time or calories burned, and I am able to increase the intensity of the workout by way of adding resistance. The bike also keeps track of my daily workouts, allowing me to compete against my personal best. The stationary bike is probably my favorite Christmas gift ever.

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Investing in a top-of-the-line treadmill

Because there are very limited moving parts, I am expecting the treadmill to offer a longer lifespan than a more conventional option

The weather in my part of the county is unpredictable and severe. Because of this, it’s almost impossible to workout outdoors. I prefer to go for a run or ride my bike if possible. The heat, humidity, rain, snow, high winds and sub zero temperatures often force me to exercise inside. I decided to purchase some exercise equipment to make working out inside the house more enjoyable. When I first began researching the various options, I was shocked by the cost. I evaluated everything from the most basic to the top-of-the-line options on the market. Fitness technology has certainly progressed in recent years. Today’s generation of treadmills, rowing machines, ellipticals and bikes include touch screen displays and wireless connectivity. They offer virtual training, incorporating a variation of programs and keep track of workout accomplishments. After researching all the new features included with the higher quality models, I didn’t want to settle for anything inferior . It took me a long time to save enough money to buy the treadmill I’d selected. I refused to put the cost on my credit card and make monthly payments. I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t be happy with the treadmill and regret investing so much money. I chose a model that needs no electricity. I power the track simply by moving my feet. It is nearly silent, smooth and can achieve any speed. I can easily speed up or slow down. Because there are very limited moving parts, I am expecting the treadmill to offer a longer lifespan than a more conventional option. I’ve had the treadmill for nearly six weeks now, and I totally love it. I am always excited to run on it and have greatly increased my speed and endurance.

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My workout program stays pretty much the same

Although I make every effort to include different types of exercises, I stick with a pattern.

My normal workout begins with a warm up. I work my head from side to side and warm up my neck then switch to rotating my shoulders. I circle my arms in big rotations in a clockwise direction and also reverse. After moving my hips around, I stand with feet apart and press my hands flat to the floor. I carefully but thoroughly stretch my hamstrings. I circle each of my feet both directions to loosen up my ankles. Once everything has been properly stretched, I run in place for several minutes to make sure my heart gets pumping a little faster. From there, I move onto a higher level of intensity cardio. I vary between jumping rope, mountain climbers, high knees and burpees. I focus primarily on cardio because I want to burn as many calories as I can. I always feel good about getting drenched in sweat and out of breath. I usually complete about thirty to 40 minutes of cardio, switching between working on endurance and using quick bursts interspersed with rest periods. I like to add in a series of lunges and squats to work the muscles in my legs. I lift weights nearly every day to focus on the arms and shoulders. Because I am not trying to build bulky muscles, I use only low weight and do high repetition. Toward the end of the session, I spread out my yoga mat and do all sorts of abdominal crunches. I then finish up with a more thorough stretching routine. With my muscles all loose and warm, I maintain a left as and right split each for a minute. I sit in a straddle position and press my nose to the floor.

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Workout space had no temperature control

I then struggle to get motivated.

I workout every day without fail. I typically exercise first thing in the morning. I prefer to complete the workout early. That way I feel more energized and accomplished. Following a rigorous exercise session, I am usually in a better mood and tend to be more productive. I have purchased all the basics of a home gym and keep them in the lanai. This area extends across the back of my house. It offers a great workout space. The floor is smooth cement and there’s sufficient space to house my equipment. I have a lovely view of the lake and can sometimes spot all kinds of ducks, geese and cranes. The only problem with the lanai is that one whole wall is made up of nothing but screens. During moderate to warmer weather, this is definitely a plu. I like access to the breeze while I workout. However, at the peak of summer, when the temperature climbs into the nineties and the humidity is brutal, it can be problematic. Because of the screens, there is no opportunity to temperature control the area. I plug in a box fan, crank it up to max speed and often stand directly in front of it. I’m still drenched in sweat before I even finish my warmup. I make an effort to get out of bed extra early in the morning to get my workout done before the sun heats up, but I’m not always successful. The heat and humidity can make me feel lethargic and fatigued. I then struggle to get motivated. In the peak of the winter, I have the opposite complaint. The lanai is super cold. Wearing heavy layers of clothing for a workout isn’t ideal.

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What to do in a multi story house

Living in a two story house is great but comes with many setbacks that are with it.

Besides difficult plumbing concerns, heating and comfort are the other major issues that such homes experience.

There is constantly the concern of having upper rooms being warmer than lower rooms. This can be a good thing in winter but a problem during summer season. Even when you run the temperature control, the chances are that the lower rooms will be colder, which can be a dire challenge, especially at night when you want to rest up. Most kitchens will be upstairs, meaning that they will be not great to sleep in. Happily, such issues can be solved by using split thermostats; Call your Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C serviceman to help you achieve this. Use each temperature control individually to set the appropriate temperature of each room. Do not make an error most homeowners make by setting a similar temperature across all rooms, as this will only contribute to making the lower part comfortably cooler. In contrast, the upstairs rooms will remain hot and wet like. It also helps to select an air conditioner device that supports multi-zone air. Talk to an a/c and gas furnace upgrade expert about the openings you have before proceeding to buy a device that will not match your needs. Two story buildings have particular heating and cooling needs that should be considered. The last thing you want is to have a single device that overworks to the extent that you have increased energy costs every month. Making the right choices about the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C device style will help homeowners make significant savings over time.

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What you can do to help the older generation

After your loved ones get to a certain age, they cease to enjoy life as they did when they were younger.

While this does not happen by default or selection, their advanced age stops them from participating in certain things, at least not without exercising caution. Summers become a bit difficult for such older folks because they have to look out for their skin and the possible issues they can get from staying out in the sunlight for too long. It is even worse when the weather is too warm. Many will complain about it and actually compare it with earlier days, but that is as far as they would go. It helps if caregivers and relatives try to make life good for them. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is to install the right Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C device. In case they have an older and inefficient device, consider replacing it with a new device with a digital thermostat that you can help them control remotely. While most older folks would best avoid outdoor activities when the weather is too warm, they can only stay indoors if the conditions are better for them. Change their environments by installing a cooling system that regulates the hot and cold temperatures to a good level, and even as you encourage your parents or Grandparents to take more water during this season, set aside a few bills to get them the right Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C serviceman to either keep up with the existing heating and cooling device or install a new a single altogether, and your folk’s health should be a priority during summer season! Do not fear spending money on the right device since it will last for years.



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Don’t want to overheat in the summer

Not that many men or women realize the danger they possess to themselves when they stubbornly refuse to turn on their air cooling units during hot summer seasons.

It is not easy to convince an older person who feels cold most of the time to turn on their a/c system no matter how hot it is.

They are likely to ignore you without realizing the risks with it. This is especially if the state they are in is scorching. My father was such a stubborn person until he suffered from serious heatstroke. My dad generally lives in an older house that gets too hot during summer seasons, and this particular year was worse than others before. My dad would often get away with his stubbornness because the windows were mostly open, allowing fresh air to come in. What’s more, my dad tried to stay hydrated as much as he could. Unfortunately, that particular summer season was not very good about staying cool. My father was not feeling too well, hence could not manage some of his everyday cooling practices, and fortunately, I just came in to see him before things got to be really bad. My dad seemed pale when I walked into his sweltering house to find that my once energetic dad was weak and shaky. I abruptly called in the ambulance and had him rushed to the hospital, where they stabilized my dad. I later called a trusted Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C dealer to install the right device for my father’s outdated house. This time experience had taught him better not to argue. My dad wanted all the rooms in the house fitted perfectly to ensure maximum comfort… The oil furnace was also inspected as a bonus service.



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Those high energy bills scared me

Anyone who works long and hard for their money knows too well not to waste it because of their frivolous spending.

One time in the summer season, a few years back, I was not the most careful individual around, and I had not experienced the setback of making significant payments on energy yet. It took a sudden, painful showcase when my bi-weekly bills just went up and up. I had to find out what caused the sudden change, yet nothing had differed in my house. After careful observations, it dawned on me that our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C device was the major factor to the bills then. I had to come up with better ways to support our a/c system separate from incurring too many costs. The first thing I did was go to town on the windows. With my competent Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C serviceman’s advice, I learned that a quick window cover upgrade would prevent heat gain through the windows. It helps to discuss with your ac system repair provider to think which window treatment can help you achieve energy efficiency, besides covering up the windows, I also learned how to use the thermostat efficiently to control hot and cold temperatures separate from necessarily over working the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C device and triggering high energy costs. I had to set up a programmable thermostat that allowed me to turn the heat up when I was away and decrease it when I was inside the house. It made it easier for me to enjoy maximum comfort separate from gaining high costs to attain the desired comfort. I also organized with the Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C provider to have typical repair that would ensure our cooling system worked efficiently. The idea was not to have the entire device work too hard, which caused a rise in energy costs.



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A few tricks to keep the a/c living

Like it is with almost everyone, the summer season’s pros involve taking a long break with my significant other or buddies.

So, the thought of getting away from everything and putting aside our routine for a few afternoons is constantly thrilling, and whether I am going on a big time boy’s road trip or taking a passionate getaway with my girl, the general feeling of getting away from home is constantly what I look forward to. So, ordinarily, I pack and arrange for someone to take care of my cat. Now just because I am leaving does not mean that my cat will starve. I also make arrangements for the mail to be gathered and have someone watch over the house for anything suspicious! Now, over the years, our cooling system was neglected. I would come back from a long trip and right away have to call our Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C serviceman to check why the device was acting up. Usually, I ended up paying thousands of dollars to repair it, and my Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C provider said with concern that this had become a pattern, which prompted him to discuss it with me. I eventually learned a few tricks on keeping the cooling system in top shape even when I am away. One of the things I now do during the summer season is to change the a/c filters every month, at least after 30 days. I also turn up the thermostat when leaving the house, but I do not completely switch off the ac system. I also ensure our outdoor AC device has free airflow with no sort of debris. These simple tricks have made it possible for me to save some extra cash on hand for those few AC repairs.

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