It cost me a fortune to have my air conditioner recharged

I am the proud owner of an awesome air central air conditioner.

When I first moved into my house, I promised myself that I would never settle for a window air conditioner.

Those air conditioners are noisy and inefficient, and I knew that the central air conditioner would keep my house evenly cool. I have had this central air conditioner for nearly ten years, and it has always worked well. However, this last month, I have noticed that the air from the vent is not as cool as it used to be. My central air conditioner seems to be running constantly, yet the house is not getting as cool as it used to. I was talking to a friend about my central air conditioner, and he suggested that the coolant in my HVAC unit might need to be recharged. He told me that it was something than an HVAC technician would need to do. He gave me the phone number of the HVAC technician that he has always hired to fix his air conditioner and furnace, and I decided to give them a call. After talking with them for a few minutes, the HVAC technician told me that he would come over and recharge my coolant for a very fair price. The HVAC technician was at my house for only a few minutes, and then he walked up and told me that my air conditioner should be running like it used to. Then he gave me the bill. I was shocked! He was charging me a couple of hundred dollars for only a few minutes of work! I got upset, and I told the HVAC technician that I would never ask him to fix my HVAC units again. At least my air conditioner is running well again.


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Have HVAC units ever caused water damage to your house?

I have so much trouble with water damage in my house.

It isn’t that my roof is leaky or that we are easily flooded.

In fact, I have spent thousands of dollars sealing my entire basement and redoing my entire roof to make sure that we have no water coming into our house. On the other hand, we have a ton of water damage that is caused by our HVAC units. Obviously, you can do a lot more damage with flooding or roof leaks than you can with HVAC units, but hear me out here. I used to use window air conditioners throughout my entire house. Unfortunately, my house was built a long time ago, and the windows tilt forward, which means that the window air conditioners tilt forward while sitting on the window frame. Now, I knew that window air conditioners, like every other kind of air conditioner, will leak water outside as a way to rid itself of condensation. Unfortunately, since my window air conditioners were tilted forward, all of that water that should have been dripping outside was running down the bottom of the air conditioner and dripping into my window sill. I didn’t notice until the paint under the air conditioner was starting to look discolored. Now, the air conditioner is not the only HVAC unit that I have had trouble with. There have been a few times when my dehumidifier didn’t shut itself off when the water holding tank was full, and it dripped all over my floor. Other times the entire holding area cracked, spilling huge puddles of water onto my floor.


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Thinking the stray cat might like to come inside where the ac is

There is a stray cat in the neighborhood that I think I am going to adopt. She is a beautiful grey cat with bright green eyes. I have gotten it where she will come to me when I make a clicking noise with my mouth. I give her daily pets, sometimes two times a day. I also set out water and food for her. I have decided she is my cat now that she hangs around the house. I am debating on making her an indoor and outdoor cat. But that is quite a jump. Right now she roams around free and I pet her when I want. If I let her inside, she is fully my cat and can do some damage. I am considering popping her into the house due to the outside heat is in the 100s everyday. I have my air conditioner running non stop. Even with the AC blasting, I am still hot indoors. I can’t imagine the poor cat outside. I notice that she does not move around very much and sleeps in the shade. She is probably trying to conserve energy. The water seems to help, but I can’t help but think she would love the AC. It seems mean watching her walk about outside when I am enjoying the cool air conditioning. How much damage can one little cat do? Maybe she would be more friendly to me if I let her get into the AC too. Right now she is a hit and miss if she wants to scratch me.

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Working out with no AC is pretty rough

I am not an early riser by any means.

But, due to the extreme heat, I have been getting up at 7am.

My boyfriend works totally from home and he spends a lot of his job on the phone. I want to work out, but I can’t blast music while he is on a call. Waiting around for him to get off the phone can take hours though. I decided that I could forgo the AC and being indoors so I can work out when I want. I started out working out around noon everyday. The outside weather would be humid and in the 100s. After working out most of my life in quality air conditioning, this was quite a change. I could barely last 30 minutes rather than my usual hour. I was coated in sweat and sluggish. So now I get up at 7am and immediately get work. I do my work out in the carport that is shaded. I lay some folding mats down and I do my crunches, push ups and sit ups. Is it as good as air conditioning inside? No way. The bugs bite me ridiculous amounts in the morning. Even though there is no sunlight, there is plenty of humidity. I get sweaty and tired really fast. I now look forward to working out on the weekends. I get to be inside and crank the AC as low as I want it to go. Now that I don’t get cooling as much, it is a treat when I get it for a workout.
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Central cooling system makes big improvement

The open windows were letting in a lot more dust, pollen, bugs and exhaust fumes than I’d realized.

Living in the northeastern part of the country, I felt central cooling was unnecessary. After six months of winter, I always looked forward to minimizing the energy bills. I liked to open the windows and welcome in some fresh air. Our summer season is usually quite short. However, when the temperature climbs into the nineties and the humidity is super high, the house often became terribly uncomfortable. The conditions made it impossible to relax or sleep. I was having problems with condensation running down the windows, mildew growth and damage to wood furnishings. My family bitterly complained. Although we were running a bunch of box fans, it wasn’t enough. Even portable window air conditioners were struggling to keep up. Plus, it was unpleasant to have certain rooms that were nice and cool and others that were overheated and clammy. When a local HVAC company advertised a special on the installation of a central air conditioner, I took advantage of it. Because of the furnace, the house was already outfitted with a duct system and air handler. The installation process was not overly expensive or invasive. Once the central cooling system was operational, I was amazed at the improvement in the comfort, cleanliness and smell of my home. The open windows were letting in a lot more dust, pollen, bugs and exhaust fumes than I’d realized. Having the ability to adjust the thermostat and control comfort throughout the house is such a relief. We all sleep better at night and have more energy throughout the day. I can cook dinner and do the dishes without sweating profusely.
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Furnace smells of burnt hair when it runs

We’ve had an especially long and cold winter.

The outside temperature dropped down into the forties in early September.

Now, it’s the middle of April and we’re still dealing with snow. Although I had the furnace professionally serviced in the fall, it has carried a very heavy workload. It’s been running non stop for seven straight months. It’s kept the house nice and warm when the outside temperature hit thirteen below zero. I’m sure there’s a significant amount of dust and debris hidden within the inner workings. When the furnace blows hot air, there’s definitely dust and contaminants coming from the vents. I make sure to change the air filter every month, but the furnace definitely needs to be taken apart and thoroughly cleaned by a licensed technician. I do not have the specialized tools or knowledge to access the interior of the heating unit. I’ve cleaned the outer cabinet and washed the vents. I’ve used the end of the vacuum cleaner wand to suck up all of the dust I can reach. Every time the furnace starts up, my whole house smells badly of burnt hair. It’s really awful and I can’t seem to fix it. I am reluctant to schedule another maintenance with a local HVAC contractor. I keep thinking this long and awful winter is going to end soon. I am looking forward to shutting down the furnace. I could then wait until fall to have the system inspected, cleaned and tuned. If I have service performed now, I’ll need to do it again in a few months. While the furnace sits idle during the spring and summer, more dust will build up on the components.

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Five Years Without A/C was No Fun at All

A decade or so ago, when I was living in the very northern part of my state and my mother was living way down south, I would sometimes make the 8-hour drive down to see her and visit for a while.

One weekend, I proceeded to do just that, and about halfway there, sitting in gridlock on the interstate, I began to smell an nasty smell.

I thought it was some disgusting paper plant or something spewing pollution into the air, but guess what? It was my Honda’s air conditioner! Soon, the a/c air vents were blowing hot, stinky air into the already-100-degree day. Now, no one in my state wants to be anywhere without air conditioning, least of all a traffic jammed highway. Well, in those days, I did not have a lot of options when it came to parting with my money in unexpected ways, and online I read that my a/c repair would probably be $1500. There was no way I had an extra one or two grand lying around just waiting to be spent fixing my a/c. I always put it off until later. Well, it was miserable, let me tell you. With no a/c to flip on at the end of the workday, I was feeling like I wanted to pass out by the time I got home. I never did get that a/c fixed. I kept that car five more years, and let me assure you of one thing. Five years without a/c was no fun at all.


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I will go without AC No More Forever is my Pledge to Myself

I am tired of being without air conditioning when it is almost 100 degrees outside.

Our kids are looking hot and tired. My daughter is sweating. My dog is panting. The old men are all fanning themselves and dreaming about an air conditioner. It is the young men who are the worse for wear, though, because they have never lived without modern HVAC. the youngest of the men is sick of being without power – refrigeration and air conditioning. It is cold and we have no heater in January. The little children are shivering in their shirt sleeves. My people, some of them, have run away to the more modern apartment complexes to get access to good water, water heaters, and a/c. No one knows where they are–perhaps they will never return. I want to have time to enjoy time with my children and see how many I can laugh with. Maybe I shall find them among the people who go to the shelter in search of a shower and air conditioning. Hear me, my friends. I am tired. My heart is ill and depressed. From this time forward, I will go without AC no more forever. This is my solemn pledge to myself and to my people. When you live in a world without air conditioning in the summer or a heater in the winter, you are making yourself unnecessarily suffer. Suffering for absolutely no reason by taking away common conveniences like heating and cooling is just being ungrateful. When we live with careful attention to what we do, that is good, but when we suffer just for sympathy, that is a cry for attention.


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Window cooling equipment has a bad name

For a school project, I had to compare the subject of central cooling equipment versus the type of cooling equipment that is used in a window or some type of cooling machine.

  • The two of us had to compare + contrast the use of these unique air condition.

The two of us have certainly decided that there is no right or wrong way to cool or heat your home. The two of us can safely say this for a few different. It’s expensive to have repairs performed on Central Heating plus cooling equipment. It’s much easier to care for a smaller machine, especially when comparing the cost to percentage ratio. The two of us another benefit which includes not having to walk up and down some attic stairs just to retrieve the cooling tower. It’s hard enough to install that thing inside of a window, especially if you have a few problems with heavy items. During unusually warm Summers, a central cooling equipment can provide a lot more relief than a small mini split unit as well. The two of us learned a lot of options plus even some more ideas. The two of us felt that the Super Bowl central heating Plus pulling equipment was definitely worth of more deal, but I believe that the best one for me is something that will centrally cool down the beach condo. It’s not of any consequence to me if everyone sticks with what they have, but I’m going to choose something better for myself plus all of my environment.


Radiant flooring is coming in the future

My wife plus myself certainly don’t make a lot of money, so we’ve been working on decreasing our energy usage plus saving some bills for a long long while. In order for the two of us to make these significant changes, we had to change and decrease usage of energy inside of her home. The two of us certainly decided to contact the commercial cooling + heating equipment company to ask of an estimate that it could include a few different options the two of us had some information about radiant heat, plus the two of us were curious and Freddy and he was entirely within our budget or not. The two of us were happy to find out that the two of us could actually afford this type of heating. You could only imagine my surprise, especially after believing there is no way this hustle could be in an affordable part. The two of us were making some changes to the flooring already, plus radiant heat was going to be useful for insulation in the beach condo. The two of us discussed the prices with the ventilation, cooling, plus heating expert. The two of us knew the price tag was going to be steep, but it didn’t end up being completely unaffordable. The two of us made our installation appointment plus the two of us are working on getting everything prepared to save some money. The new radiant flooring is going to look really great in our beach condo and I’m glad we took the time to get an estimate

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