Working on my temper, one appliance repair at a time

If I’m not vigilant when cleaning out a ductwork system for a residence, the air quality will remain poor! Since the work has such a strong potential for rework, I tend to lose my nerve on more than one occasion during a repair.

You know, it’s not easy to admit that I can be… irritable. Okay, I’ll say it – I have an anger problem. For the longest time, I used to believe that my anger was something that I inherited, but that may not be the case! As it turns out, anger is something that you learn from someone in your life – parents, other family members, you name it. So, I’m trying to re-learn how to manage my anger! I’ll admit though, it’s not the easiest process to manage. Since I work in the HVAC industry, a lot of what I do requires patience and tedious attention to detail. If I miss a step in the process for repairing a gas furnace, I have to be careful in retracing my steps. If I’m not vigilant when cleaning out a ductwork system for a residence, the air quality will remain poor! Since the work has such a strong potential for rework, I tend to lose my nerve on more than one occasion during a repair. Most recently, I had to deal with this while handling a routine A/C unit repair at this guy’s house. The client was this crotchety old man who got onto me about every single thing I did! It was also very hot outside, with no clouds in the sky to shield me from the sun. These were the perfect conditions for me to lash out in anger, but nope! Instead, I kept my cool, remembered my strategy for coping with stress, and simply stayed focused on my work. Working in the heating and A/C industry is a great way to test how effective I am at managing my temper!

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I really can’t believe I didn’t know about radiant heating sooner

A friend of mine just got radiant heating and I really can’t believe that I didn’t know about it until recently.

I always have thought that I am pretty on top of the newest technology in the HVAC world.

The reason that I know a lot about HVAC is that I really love to be comfortable. I have talked to a ton of HVAC companies about radiant heating now that I have discovered it. I can definitely say that the idea of having my entire heating system under my floor sounds way better than a furnace that breaks on my all the time. I can’t wait until I have saved up enough money to get radiant flooring added to my HVAC system. So far the only new technology I have in my HVAC system is a smart thermostat. I know that if I were to have radiant flooring and a smart thermostat I would be in heaven. I think it is so nice that the smart thermostat can set the temperature in my house based on what will save me money and be most efficient. I can’t believe that we have gone from having a simple fireplace to warm us and now we have heaters built into your home! HVAC technicians in the past would be amazed to see how far all of the technology has come, it really is cool to see everything happening. A friend of mine that is an HVAC technician has told me how much the industry has changed in the last few years. He said he constantly has to go back to his HVAC school to learn more!


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My HVAC bill is almost half of what it used to be

I’m not one to brag but my research into energy saving tips has really made my savings grow.

  • I was spending a ton of money on my HVAC system each month and I wasn’t really sure why.

I started to look into cheaper alternative to HVAC and I found some amazing tips. There are so many sites on the internet that specialize in telling you about energy saving tips, you just have to know how to find them. Before I knew a lot about cutting HVAC costs I thought that it would only be possible if I literally turned off my heating and cooling system and was miserable. It turns out that you can save money on your HVAC bill and actually be more comfortable! For some people it sounds a little too good to be true but getting a smart thermostat has saved me tons of money. The smart thermostat turns on and off throughout the day so my HVAC system is never working too hard. My smart thermostat also suggests the best temperature for my home so that I can save money. Getting a smart thermostat was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I think that my HVAC technician is amazing for suggesting that I get a smart thermostat. He really has the best ideas for me and is always trying to make sure that my HVAC system is perfect. I would suggest calling your HVAC technician about a smart thermostat, you won’t be disappointed if you do call your HVAC technician.

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The gas furnace in the home all of us purchased was not respectfully installed

We’ve been married for two decades now. While we’ve only been homeowners for about two years, we managed to save as much as we could! Still, life did not go as planned since my husband is a nurse that works around the world for the military. I would not have traded it for anything – this life we’ve lived, I mean. The two of us acquired so much knowledge through traveling, and grew so close together through our years out of the country. We obviously never purchased a home for those years, as we hardly stayed in the states. We finally retired from traveling the globe this year, so all of us purchased our first house! The two of us like the home a lot, as we purchased it without having to put a bunch of work into the house first. With no major projects to handle, the biggest thing that all of us found the need for our gas furnace to be replaced. Having bought the house in the summer, we didn’t need the heat just yet! But, the previous owners told us that the gas furnace should’ve been fine. It did not run fine! We tried to turn it on for our first winter, but nothing turned on. It’s a good thing I used to work for this Heating, Ventilation, and A/C company in town when we officially settled in! Otherwise, this could’ve been a lot worse. Either way, we were fortunate to get the furnace repaired, and now it’s working great through the winter season. Hopefully we don’t find out that the A/C system needs work!
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Burning your finger on the space heater is a lesson learned the hard way!

Kids can bring a ton of change into your life. I never really had plans for when all of us would have kids – we just assumed it would happen when it was meant to be. Two years after we got married though, I found out that I was pregnant! Just like that, the family planning began. We were so excited! Fast forward six years, and now we have two little kids. I would never change a thing! Still, I must admit it is quite different now. See, the two of us have to be truly creative with dates now. Our children have broken or otherwise ruined everything nice that all of us have ever owned! It is not that our children are more rough than others, but they’re very accident-prone. They bump into stuff, break stuff, and worse. I have had to make some changes to what all of us will allow in the home now, too. For one, the furnace is not really able to keep up with how large our home is, so all of us used to supplement with electric heat. With these electric space heating systems scattered throughout our home for several years, they particularly did a good job for warming the house as needed. Sadly, that changed when my daughter was about four years old and touched one of the space heaters. She burned several of her little fingers, and while it was not a bad burn, it was a serious warning for us to keep the house free of hazards! I told my husband about it, so we decided that all of us would not use space heating systems anymore. Sure, it’s colder in the house now – but that’s nothing an extra layer of clothes can’t fix.


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Gas heating systems aren’t the best thing when you’re pregnant and hormonal!

We’ve wanted to have children for quite some time – but, it just was not in the plans for us yet.

We spent years trying, and at last we had our little one! I had our little girl about six months ago, and I must say that I am overwhelmed with love for the little one.

We are both so excited to have a kid! As much as I love being a mom, I can’t say I liked being pregnant. Since I was constantly made sick from things around me, I thought that it would change after I gave birth! Sadly, it has not changed for some things. The thing that bothered myself the most while I was pregnant was the smell of propane or gasoline. All of us had to use propane heating systems to keep our home warm throughout the frosty winter months, so I had no choice but to deal with it! Still, I was convinced that all those smell aversions would go away after I had our baby. And yet, they have not gone away! Going into the season that all of us need to use heat, I’m worried that we’ll have to deal with this for the rest of our lives. I thought I was going to die from the nausea! I cannot believe how much pregnancy has changed my body and my senses, as I never hated the smell of propane until now. It really did not bother myself anywhere near the way it does now! Hopefully, we can switch to an electric furnace or a radiator soon – I can’t take the gas smell much longer!


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Busted thermostat means a busted daily routine

Besides, the control unit started giving us trouble about several months ago when it was not changing the temperature settings as we asked it to

Living way up north can be a pain sometimes. For one, it means using the heat almost year round is a given part of life. I grew up a few states south of where our husband and I live now, and it was much warmer there for the most part. All of us had a summer there, and now the summer lasts for about a month – maybe two at most. Since it’s not nearly as warm as I am used to, we usually can enjoy being in a cooler place! However, I cannot say the same for myself when it gets biting cold in the winter. I do not mind it, as long as I get to stay indoors! When I have to travel or be outside for some reason, I do not love how frosty it is in the “great” outdoors. We have the heat on for about several months out of the year, and it never shuts off – not even once. Having a wonderful gas furnace is really important for us, which is why we purchased a brand new one when we first moved into our home almost ten years ago. We haven’t had much in the way of problems with it yet, but that can all change. Besides, the control unit started giving us trouble about several months ago when it was not changing the temperature settings as we asked it to. We had it set to seventy-two degrees, but the home never felt truly comfortable! We then thought that there was something wrong with our gas furnace, but we found that was not the case – the gas furnace was working fine, but the control unit wasn’t! The two of us had to go get a new control unit in the end, as ours eventually just quit working for us altogether. But then, we had a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C technician come and handle the replacement for this control unit. We’re so thankful that we made that call! Otherwise, we would’ve just made things worse.

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A well balanced diet

For a very long time, take out plus sugary snacks were a familiar staple of my diet.

I wasn’t overly interested in fruits plus grains.

I was eating the wrong kinds of food for a healthy lifestyle. My poor eating habits were mainly caused by ignorance plus regimine. I’ve since gained that a nutritious diet, rich in vitamins, minerals plus exercise is the key to feeling plus looking good, eating right has helped myself and others to lose some fat, feel more confident plus minimize health risks. I have introduced a lot of superfoods into my diet. Superfood gives what my body needs, promoting heart health, weight loss, higher energy levels plus fighting the effects of aging. I’ve observed that even my skin plus hair looks shiny, plus I sleep better at night. I started out with tiny, simple plus gradual changes to my yearly eating routine. The smaller calories plus less cholesterol has helped myself and others to achieve a decent stable blood sugar levels. I am now at less risk for diabetes, cancer plus inflammation. Great eating has regulated my metabolism plus provides the fuel for a dedicated fitness routine. I’ve introduced variety into my diet, experimenting with unusual fruits plus vegetables to figure out what I care about the greatest. I have focused on lean meats, whole foods, legumes plus veggies. Instead of reaching for candy, I now snack on peanuts. I’ve replaced bread with quinoa, rice with white rice plus butter with avocado. I’ve added tofu to a lot of things.


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Hydration for keeping healthy

I am not a marathon runner, but I am an avid runner. I’m not overly fast or skilled, although I try to run nearly once a day. My goal is simply to stay fit plus feel great. I noticed that while all of us were in warmer weather, I was feeling exhausted partway through my run. I did some research plus figured out that I wasn’t really hydrating. Not wanting to drink enough water was severely impacting my performance plus putting myself and others at risk of serious health concerns. Water supplies energy to cells plus cushions joints, takes away waste plus regulates body temperature. By having enough water, I can lessen the possibility of injury plus cramping. Proper hydration also speeds time. Through research, I gained that it doesn’t matter if the weather is sunny or hot or overcast plus cold. When I run, my body generates twenty times more heat. The sweat helps to cool myself and others down plus also results in a loss of required electrolytes. Sacrificing more than 2 to 3 percent of body weight through fluid can lead to dehydration. Fatigue, headaches, muscle pain plus increased heart rate are all indications of dehydration. I was definitely illuminating some of these signs. I’ve now started drinking water prior to, while all of us were in plus after the run. I start consuming extra water a few hours before heading out on the run. Once I arrive back at home, I not only drink water but snack on water-based, healthy foods, such as grapes, berries, greens plus melon. Because I’m taking proactive measures to protect my body, I have far more stamina plus energy.


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I need a space in Northland to keep my vintage cars

When I was a kid, my dad and I spent every weekend working on an old 1966 Mustang.

My Dad loved the car. On Wednesday afternoons, my Dad paid me two dollars to wash and wax the car. I studied every part of the car. I loved the clean silver lines and cherry red seats. When I turned sixteen, my dad gave me the car. I was surprised and amazed. I couldn’t believe my luck. Turns out that my Dad bought a new Corvette that year. I drove that car everywhere. My friends and I took it to the river, when we went camping. We drive it to the coast to see the sunset. When the engine died, I put the car in the garage. It stayed there for five years, until I decided to look for a space in Northland. My wife insisted that I buy a new engine and restore the old Ford. She had an old Dodge that needed restorations as well. Our loft apartment was too small to keep the cars, and we had no city parking. We needed a small industrial space for the project. I decided to rent an industrial space in Northland with plenty of room for five cars, tools, tarps, and storage. I spent every weekend driving back and forth to the industrial space in Northland. Luckily, my wife enjoyed the restoration process as well. The owner of the warehouse agreed to a five year term, and then we have an option to purchase the property. Right now, I’m just looking forward to driving the old Mustang again.

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