Getting my beach body back

For a long time, I was self-conscious because of my physical appearance.

  • I was overweight for several years.

There was a time when I was younger that I loved to go swimming whenever possible. When I became unhappy with my body, I was unwilling to put on a swimsuit. That was until I decided to start working out with a personal trainer. The personal trainer has been so helpful. He created a meal plan for me. The plan includes a wide variety of healthy foods to make sure I get the vitamins, minerals and protein that I need. I’ve been learning a lot from a nutritional counseling program, and it’s made a huge difference in the way I approach my diet. I have been following an intense workout routine. While it is difficult and demanding, this workout routine is exactly what I need to get back into shape and lose weight. I have so much more energy because of the healthy food and workouts. I find that I’m way more physically active throughout the day. I have been tackling jobs like weeding the garden and trimming the shrubs. I’ve been up on the roof to sweep off debris. These were tasks that I once avoided because they require too much exertion. I have started to shed the fat and I see a big difference in my body. My personal trainer says that now that I’m in the habit of eating healthy food, I’ll start to shed weight naturally. Of course I also want to build muscles. I am determined to achieve all of my fitness goals. I’m doing everything the personal trainer recommends. I’ve finally started swimming again. I’m no longer embarrassed by how I look. I’m proud of my hard work.

Personal Training

Determined to get in shape

I have been rather depressed lately because I have had little energy.

I am legitimately overweight. I was thinking back to when I was younger and had all the energy in the world. During college, I was in pretty decent shape. That was back when I was more focused on physical fitness. I know it would be a good idea to start exercising regularly. I am considering signing up with a personal trainer or joining a gym. I need to focus on my health, wellness and fitness. I consulted with a personal trainer and there was a huge focus on nutritional counseling. I realize that my diet is a big part of my problems. I haven’t been careful about the type of food I eat. Even though it will be a challenge to eat healthier food, I know that it’s necessary. I realize that fast food makes me feel sluggish. There isn’t the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients. It’s just empty calories. Healthy food, including superfoods will help me to feel like my old self again. I am determined to achieve my physical fitness goals. The personal trainer suggested that I get a gym membership or choose a body wellness center. I have been looking into the pros plus cons for both sites. I could save some money by joining one of the larger gyms, but the body wellness center offers more personalized classes. Both venues offer a pool and a sauna, which I am looking forward to. I am anxious to get started.
Local gym

Wellness center is the ideal choice for me

Something I have recently realized is that I need to be more conscientious about my health and wellness.

I have looked into several types of workout regimens and nutritional programs. I had a cousin of mine suggestI try out a local body wellness center. I knew if it was recommended by my cousin, it would probably be a good thing to go check out. She is in amazing physical shape. I definitely trust her opinion when it comes to health and fitness. I was thrilled when I saw the facilities included a pool, running track, racquetball courts, sauna, and a variety of group fitness training classes. They offer yoga, spin, and circuit training. I planned to try out as many different classes as possible. I hoped to find something that would suit me. I started with a yoga and was surprised by the difficulty level. The class was much too advanced for me. The instructor suggested I get my feet wet with a beginner’s physical fitness class and work my way up to the advanced yoga. She also recommended that I speak with a nutritionist to get on a healthy meal plan. The nutritional counseling has been so very beneficial. I wasn’t aware of how bad my diet was until she had me write everything down. We then came up with a personalized meal plan to incorporate the necessary vitamins and minerals. I immediately started to sleep better at night and have more energy during the day. I eat lean meats and lots of fruits and vegetables. I’ve eliminated junk food and stay away from fried foods. I am cooking healthier for my whole family. I’ve also become dedicated to my workout program. I workout seven days per week, alternating what muscles I target. I am so pleased with my progress. I am motivated to work harder.



Personal Training

Trying to run better

I have always been terrible at running.

When I first started working out I decided that I would run.

I began running only for twenty minutes everyday. I never recorded how far I went because I knew I was very slow. As I ran more, I realized that I could run for longer, not any faster. The more I run, the more stamina I get. I never am able to pick up speed. When I get to a gym or training center, I always jump on a treadmill. I then get to see how far I got in what amount of time. It is always a letdown. No matter what I do, I seem to average around 10 minutes a mile. This is pathetically slow for a seasoned runner such as myself. I figured that I was doing something wrong and needed instruction. Any sport has a coach and fitness experts. I bet running is the same. I thought right on this. I went to a core progression gym and had a personal trainer work with me. The trainer immediately commented on how short my strides are. He said that my legs are only running from the knee down. I don’t open up the stride and use my whole body. In my fitness class I have been working on reaching with my legs and using the whole body. I frequently revert back to my tiny strides. I do feel much better knowing there is something I can fix. I am hoping someday to do a respectable fast run that I am proud of.

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Family wants to do a sprint triathlon

My family is a very competitive one.

The main thing everyone likes to compete on is fitness goals. Everybody loves playing a game of volleyball or soccer and keeping points. Sometimes we do rope courses or other fitness courses to compete with one another. The most recent thing is that everyone in the family wants to do a sprint triathlon. This is where you swim, bike and run. The stats on this are you swim for .4, 12.5 mile bike ride and a final 3 mile run. I am not worried at all about swimming .4 miles. I am a good swimmer and I feel I could go forever. I think then immediately jumping on a bike will stink, but it is a doable amount. Honestly the thing I am most worried about is the run. Swimming, biking and then ending with a run sounds horrible. I will be wet, sluggish and tired. Also, I am not a confident runner. I average about 10 minute miles I am so bad. I know that my strides are small and I always get a side cramp. I think with me being tired going into the run, I will really stink. I don’t want my family to laugh at my sprint triathlon scores. I need to practice up and get my body in shape. I have gotten a gym membership and have been working on the different portions. Some days I just swim laps at the pool. Other days I do sit down and stand up bikes. Most days I am running on the treadmill at different inclines.
Steam rooms

Not that confident on a bike

My cousin Bridget is a big time bike rider.

She goes on insanely long bikes rides just for fun.

She has a special off road bike, biking outfit, lights and even a mount for her phone. My cousin takes biking really seriously. She is always trying to get me to do various biking events with her. There is a recent one that is a charity bike run. People pay you for every mile you are able to ride towards the charity. I don’t really want to do this, but my cousin is pressuring me and it is for a good cause. The issue is that I am not too confident on a bike. I always feel like I could dump it. Stopping and starting is really upsetting and sometimes I take turns too wide. I have been practicing maneuvering the bike around and getting more comfortable. I have learned in my practining that I need to tone up some biking muscles. My legs are always dead after a very short ride. My butt especially hurts after sitting on the seat. I thought about going to a gym and doing the sit down bikes for practice. There is a core progression near me that offers personalized training. I wonder if they have a private fitness class that I could work on biking skills and muscles. I bet the core progression has a wide variety of stationary bikes for me to practice on. It would be nice to have a certified fitness expert correct me on what I am doing wrong.


Personal Fitness Expert

Want to get a standing back tuck

On my bucket list is to be able to do a standing back tuck.

I have tumbled all throughout my life at a lower level gym.

There were simply folding mats over cement floors. A lot of the things I can do are self taught. One thing I always wanted to do was a back tuck. Typically short men are able to whip out this trick. They don’t have as much body to get over and they are strong enough to do it. As a taller woman, a standing back tuck did not seem to be in the cards. Lately I have been dedicating myself trying to get ready for it. I practice tuck jumps nearly everyday. I also do practice tucks landing on a foam mat. The last thing I have been doing is toning the additional muscles that could help me. For example, doing tucks does take a lot of lower ab strength. I need to be able to quickly pull up my legs and hold them to my chest. I need lower body work too. My thighs, calves and butt all need to be toned in order to launch myself into the air. I can’t be flabby or weak on top either. My arms are what initially helps my height at the start of the tuck. I have being doing a group fitness class a few days a week. It gets me working other muscles and toning my body without a lot of damage. I am thinking with all this work towards my goal, I should be able to finally tuck once a for all.

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Body and wellness class for knee injury

I was a college gymnast and messed up my knee pretty bad.

My left knee always aches if I have it bent too long.

Sitting on an airplane or long car ride always irritates it. I have trouble kneeling down to do splits. I can’t do squats or lunges anymore due to the pain. The pain is not bad enough to warrant medication, doctor’s visits or even to wear a brace sometimes. There are just certain things I cannot do. I figured I had to leave squatting and bending on my left side forever. A buddy of mine then signed us up for a body and wellness class. The class was led by a personal trainer and the class was catered towards sports related injuries. My buddy had a messed up shoulder from pitching in baseball. He wanted to get more mobility back and build up his upper body muscles. The personal trainer leading the class was great. He was able to give us all a good workout without injuring ourselves. We did get put into groups based on what irritates us. I ended up with a former figure skater and soccer player that both had lower body related injuries. We did stretches to help loosen up the muscles and exercises to build the area back up. Everything was geared to baby the area that hurt me. For the first time ever, I had been consistently doing workouts that didn’t flare up my knee pain. I have noticed that my left knee is better than ever. I can squat a couple of times now without an issue.


Nuts about work out

I am totally nuts when it comes to work out. Due to this, I have to put rules on my work outs. I am only allowed to work out an hour everyday. As soon as I creep over the hour mark, it takes away time from tomorrow’s day. I am not allowed to work out more than once a day. I also cannot do cardio the entire time. I have themed days as well. I like doing two days of leg, two arms and two days dedicated to cardio. The last day is a fun day for me. I get to do whatever I want. I can go for a run, do weightlifting or even swim at the community pool. The world is mine that day. I have been looking around and I found that there is a personal training center near me. I found a body wellness class that is offered. The issue is that it is offered two days a week. It could count as my fun day, but what other day would it have? Do I give up an arm, leg or cardio day to do the class? I have been going nuts trying to determine what I can cut. I really would like to do my work out and then attend the class. But that is crazy. This means I am basically work out all day. See what I mean about being nuts about fitness? I think a little muscle confusion with the class would be good for me. Body wellness implies that the personal trainer is going to do an all over body workout right?



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My friend is going to lose the core progression franchise name

My buddy Jenna came into some money after her dad died.

She decided to use that money to pursue her dream. Her dream is to own a gym. She decided to jump on the core progression franchise and took the name. She now has a core progression in our town and is running it. The problem is that my buddy is not the sharpest tool in the drawer. In order to maintain a franchise name, you need to do the training and fulfill all the requirements. If you don’t meet those rules, the franchise is taken away from you. Jenna bought a personal training franchise name. This means all her workers need to be certified fitness experts. She also has to offer certain fitness classes like nutritional counseling, bridal fitness, weight training and body wellness. There is no way my buddy can find qualified people and offer all those classes. She additionally has to go to seminars and training to hold up to the core progression standards. I know that she already has blown off a few of the training seminars. I am thinking that she will lose that franchise name in the next few months. It is a shame too. Having a gym in our town would be really nice. My buddy already paid for the building and the equipment too. That is just going to be money down the drain. She should have just opened up a normal gym where people swipe their cards to work out. That is easy money in the pocket and no training required on her part.

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