I really need to get the HVAC system fixed

As I sat in my living room, sweating like a pig in the middle of summer, I thought to myself that I really needed to get my HVAC system fixed. I realized that my air conditioner system needed professional attention, so I made the decision to call an HVAC tech. When the HVAC expert showed up, he appeared to have just finished doing another job, he looked like he was sweating and it was a long day for him as well. I tried to do my usual, turn on the fan and eat a popsicle to stay cool while the HVAC tech went to work. A loud crash indicated that the HVAC tech exited from my basement. He came to me moments later, with dust and he was covered in cobwebs. He showed me a section of ductwork that appeared to have been attacked by raccoons and the HVAC said that he thinks this is the problem. I got nervous and to have the thought of raccoons in my HVAC ventilation system was scary. The cooling expert said it was more common than I thought and he said he would have to replace this section of the ductwork and clean it out. He went back to work and after a little time, he came back to me with a smile and said that everything should be back in working order. The HVAC tech turned on the air conditioning and the feeling of having cool air conditioning once again felt great. The thought of raccoons left my mind and now I just want to lounge in the coolness. The HVAC tech took off and I was back to relaxation.


Ductless mini split

Forgot to turn off the heater for the weekend

It was a gorgeous Friday afternoon, and I was about to leave for a long weekend away from the house and work, where I knew I can kick back and relax.

I was all set, the bags were packed, the phone was charged, and I had my toothbrush in my suitcase.

I then set off on my journey. I wasn’t exactly sure where I was going but I knew I didn’t want to be in the same town for the weekend. I wanted to check out new restaurants and just get away from everything. The weekend didn’t last long enough and Sunday evening getting back to the house quickly came. I pulled into the driveway and I noticed that there was something wrong, the windows were fogged over. I was a little skeptical but I opened the door to my house to feel a rush of heat that overwhelmed me. The thermometer in the house read well over 90 degrees! What went wrong? I quickly realized I left the heater on because I was in such a rush to get away from the weekend. It was a slight chill weekend, so the heater had been on constantly for the previous three days. Everything in the house I touched felt extremely hot and things were melting. Maybe not that extreme, but you see what I’m saying. In an effort to return the home’s temperature to a more comfortable level, I quicked switched off the heater and opened the windows. Going forward, I have to be better and maybe getting a smart thermostat for situations like this will be better.


HVAC system

Sickness caused while sleeping with the portable air conditioner on

In the warm summer months, I can’t sleep without turning on my portable air conditioner.

  • But after a few weeks of use, I noticed that I was feeling sick in the mornings.

I couldn’t get rid of my hacking cough, stuffy nose, and sore throat. My HVAC system was making me sick, and I had to think of something. I have found out that there are drawbacks to using a portable air conditioner in my bedroom. Dryness and irritation in the nose and throat brought on by the unit’s cold air output can trigger coughing and sneezing. Dry eyes and irritated skin are two side effects of the air’s low humidity. Air conditioners can also serve as a perfect environment for the growth of bacteria and mold. Regular maintenance of the unit is necessary to prevent the spread of potentially fatal airborne particles that can aggravate or even cause respiratory illnesses. I then stopped sleeping next to my portable air conditioner after I learned of the risks involved. I began to regularly have my air conditioner unit serviced. I bought a good air filter and when I didn’t use my air conditioner I opened the windows to allow fresh air to come in. I also made sure the temperature was never up too high but rather kept it at a comfortable level. My health gradually improved to the point where I no longer awoke each morning feeling ill and stuffy. I have found out that HVAC systems have their advantages, but improper use can have some unpleasant consequences. In order to keep cool and comfortable without getting sick again, it was crucial that I maintain my unit and use it when I felt it was needed.

ductwork cleaning

The heater is making me sweat more than my wife

I don’t get it.

It’s fall, my wife and I are both cold outside raking leaves and those leaves come down in buckets.

There are so many, it’s ridiculous. We mainly try to keep up with it because of our coy pond. It feels like it a never-ending nightmare to try and keep them out of it. The last few years we kept failing at it but hoping this year is a bit different. It probably won’t as I forgot to by a cover for it. I was planning on buying a cover and doing my best to make sure that the pond doesn’t become a leaf-filled mess. So I’m outside it feels like all weekend every two hours trying to rake up the leaves, well, the ones that keep landing around the pond and using the net to scoop a bunch out. Regardless, when we are indoors trying to get out of the cool fall weather, the thermostat dial for the heater after a few minutes makes me sweat. My wife just looks at me like I’m weird and says this is the best air quality going on right now and if I’m too hot, then I should go back outside and rake more leaves. I think she’s nuts, maybe I should turn down the thermostat dial and she should go outside. That makes no sense nor could I do that to her. Still, the house is set at 74 degrees and I’m sweating and she is wearing a hoodie with sweatpants just being comfortable. I guess I’ll keep going outside to cool myself down and after I feel cold, I’ll come back inside. Doesn’t matter, when I go back to work Monday, that pond will be full of leaves.


The heater is making me sweat more than my wife

My window air conditioner is good enough for my studio apartment

I feel lucky that I found a studio apartment for only $800 a month in this city.

I think a lot of people are paying upwards to $1,500 for a studio apartment in other cities in the state.

But I don’t make enough money to afford that much rent every month. That’s a lot of money to pay for housing when you don’t have a really good job! I have tried to find a better paying job, but that isn’t the easiest task in my industry. My only other option was to find cheaper living, so that’s exactly what I did! I’m happy to say that this studio apartment has all of the amenities that I need the most. It’s great having a washer and dryer in the unit despite its relatively small size. There’s a great oven and stove top as well, and I use them both on a daily basis to cook all of the meals that I end up eating on a daily basis. Another thing I enjoy about this studio apartment is the strong window air conditioner inside. I was worried that it wouldn’t be enough to keep me happy with my tastes for cold temperatures, but so far it has been more than enough to keep this studio apartment cold in the summer season. It didn’t come with the absolute best space heater in the world, but I think that I can get a new one as soon as I have the money available. It’s just a process of getting more acquainted with everything.

central heater

I love getting out into the countryside when the weather is right

Living in the city can get really frustrating at times. There’s a lot of noise and traffic that constantly overwhelms my senses. No matter where I go in a metropolitan city, I feel like I’m constantly surrounded by other people and there’s no escape. For someone with chronic anxiety like myself, living in the city can get overwhelming really quickly. There was always a lot of shouting and screaming too. At one point I was living next to a couple who fought all of the time with long bouts of screaming and wailing coming from their unit. I finally decided I had enough when the cops were called because he was threatening to shoot her and himself in a psychotic rage. It was a terrifying situation and I kept worrying bullets would fly through the wall and kill me in my apartment. I left the city a week later to live with my cousin in the countryside. I loved it so much that I vowed to eventually live in a rural environment someday. Unfortunately, I ended up in suburbia when I got married and decided to create a family. We have a great house with a good heating and cooling system, however I still crave the countryside. I go out hiking when temperatures aren’t too hot, and it’s always a nice experience. I can get away from the air conditioned house for a little while to clear my head. I don’t mind all of the heat outside if there’s a good breeze to counteract everything. Then I can return home and cool off with the air conditioner.
HVAC technology

My new girlfriend has the same heating and cooling preferences as me

If we didn’t, it’d be a lot harder for us to live with one another

I had issues getting along with past relationships when it came to personal preferences. For instance, my last girlfriend never liked to drive the car. Every time we went somewhere I had to be the one that drove. Unfortunately, this did not bode well when we tried to take a road trip together. We were limited by the fact that we only had one driver for the whole trip. That’s really hard when you were trying to rely on having two drivers to avoid stopping at hotel rooms every single night. But we didn’t really have a choice unless we wanted to sleep on the side of the highway where it’s dangerous. I’m glad that my current girlfriend gets along with me really well. Aside from sharing a million interests with one another, we also have the same preferences with the heating and cooling system. Whenever she’s over at my house, she feels comfortable with the temperature I have set for the air conditioner or furnace. Important to have a girlfriend that agrees with those sorts of things. It would be hard if we eventually live together and she liked it hot while I liked it cold. Those sorts of disagreements lead to long-term strife and incompatibility. That’s why it’s important for us to agree on fundamental aspects of our living situation. If we didn’t, it’d be a lot harder for us to live with one another. My parents never agreed on the settings for the HVAC system because it led to them fighting for trivial things on a daily basis. I don’t want to have fights over the eight track system with a significant other.


HVAC worker

I decided to buy an expensive infrared space heater

I like to get high quality equipment when I can afford it.

I’m a musician and play mostly guitar and piano.

When I was a little kid, my parents could only afford the cheapest guitar and children’s keyboard. Why all the gear does not make the musician or the artist, it’s hard to learn on an instrument that is difficult to play for anyone of any skill level. It’s that guitars made with a higher degree of craftsmanship have better playability because the strings are easier to manipulate. Cheap guitars have strings that are really high off the neck that you have to press down even harder when you’re trying to play notes. It makes it considerably harder to play the instrument compared to a better built guitar. When I needed to buy a new air conditioner for my house, I went with the machine with the highest SEER rating so it would perform the best with energy efficiency. I need a new space heater but I don’t want one of those cheap models that are going to be a fire hazard while running them in my house. That’s why I want one of those infrared space heaters that has a wood case around them. They have some of the lowest fire risks out of all the space heaters I have researched on my own. It seems like they could be the safest ones to use on a regular basis. Even though the infrared space heater that I want is nearly $200, I want one regardless. I think it will be worth the investment in the long run.

HVAC serviceman

Heating up my legs with a cat

One of my cats is sitting on my legs right now and making them feel warm.

I’m not sure which one it is though because I have my big computer on my lap and it is blocking the view of the cat.

They like to sit on my legs while I work and clean themselves or snooze a bit, which is great for me because it gives me some company during my long days of work in the office. Actually, my workdays are only about two or so hours, but having some company is nice anyways. The HVAC duct above me on the wall is showing some signs of dust, which means it is time to have a ductwork cleaning session soon and get everything clean and ready for summer. I need to message this company today which sold me my water heater and find out where the darn thing is, as it has been almost a month since I ordered the unit. I will request a refund if the thing doesn’t arrive within the next few days and just buy one at the local business in town for a bit more money. I just didn’t want to buy the one in town because it is slightly different than the one we have now, but it is coming to the point where I just want to have some hot water again in this place. I’ll just get the HVAC tech here to install the heating device if I can’t do it myself with the tools that I have in the flat. We shall see.

a/c professional

Four burgers at the local business

That is how many burgers I eat a month; four.

I have a burger each Saturday night after playing a bunch of ball on the beach with my friends.

I am starving after playing with them for hours and I don’t have the energy to come home and make dinner, so I go to this burger shop and get a big fat bacon cheeseburger with a small order of fries. On the fries I have them load it up with mayo and ketchup, which gives me plenty of calories to satisfy my crazy hunger from all of the exercise. The local business that sells it has great prices and I can get my burger and fries for a mere $8, and I can eat it next to the climate control system while I watch a futbol game on their TV. We would call it soccer in the States, but over here in Europe they call the game futbol and they are totally crazy about the sport. I have done some HVAC repair for this burger joint and some days when I come in they will toss in a free beer or two for me because I gave them a deal on their heating and cooling system when it got installed. I will finish a few more articles and then I am going to trot down to this store and grab some bread for my grilled cheese sandwich that I will be eating in a couple of hours. The local contractor in town usually joins me for lunch but today he is working on some ductwork.

heating maintenance