My wife doesn’t want to get a smart thermostat

My wife Yvonne doesn’t want to get a smart thermostat for our house, but I really think that in the long run, it will help us to keep the bills paid for our heating and cooling needs.

I know that smart thermostats have a lot of great features and I personally would like to be using them in our house! For instance, smart thermostats can learn your family’s schedule and their temperature preferences and then the heating and cooling system will start following that schedule. Having the heating and cooling system run only when it needs to will end up saving lots of money on energy bills in the long run, too, but my wife can’t seem to understand the value in that. She just thinks that a smart thermostat will be one more thing that she will have to learn how to use and that it will tear up in the near future. Yvonne never has good luck with anything that has to do with technology, and so I can kind of understand her trepidation behind switching over to a new smart thermostat. However, I just keep on extolling the virtues of the smart thermostat in the hopes that one day she will decide that we need one of these little beauties in our house too. I think that a smart thermostat will be a fantastic addition to our home’s HVAC system. I know that it would be great for us if I can just get her to agree to give it a try. I’m just going to keep working on her.


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Our new house has some weird features

When we first moved in, we noticed that the house that we live in now had some really weird features in it.

There is a door that leads to nowhere, there are random built-in shelves all over the walls, and strangely enough, the heating and cooling vents point right out the doors of each room.

I was really confused at first about why things were like this, but I guess the guy who originally built the house did everything himself. Apparently, he fancied himself as a complete do it yourself kind of guy and he didn’t ever want to hire anyone to help him with the house project. Apparently, that included getting a general contractor or a heating and cooling technician to help him with the house. I guess he did everything the way that he thought it should be done, but it certainly is weird. I love the house, but I can’t stand all of the weird stuff in it and that’s especially true when it comes to the heating and cooling system. At first, I couldn’t figure out why in the world the rooms wouldn’t start cooling off whenever I would turn the air conditioning down on the thermostat. That’s when I realized that the air conditioning and heating vents were all pointed at the doors of the rooms! If I wanted a room to start cooling off in the summertime, then I would have to close the door to the room securely so that the air could actually circulate inside of the room. It was really a crazy set up and I can only assume that the guy who built the place just didn’t know what he was doing.



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I don’t know if I should just stay home

I’m wondering if it’s safe to leave my home unattended when we have our new HVAC technicians come out to work on our air conditioning unit this week.

I have all kinds of things going on this week and I really don’t have time to wait around and make sure that no one is snooping or stealing anything from us.

However, I don’t know any of these new HVAC technicians, either. We had to get a new HVAC company to work on our HVAC system for us this year when our old one ended up going out of business. We had been using the old HVAC company for many years and so switching to a new one was a little bit difficult for us. I mean, when we used to use the other company, we would just leave the house and let them come in and go out as they pleased. We trusted those guys because we knew the owners of the HVAC company and we had been using the HVAC technicians for years. Now, I’m worried about the fact that we are going to be dealing with some new guys that we have never even seen before. I just don’t feel all that comfortable letting them come into my house, especially with giving them my garage code and everything. I guess it’s probably fine because they are licensed and insured since they are a reputable HVAC company. I guess I just have a weird feeling about it for some reason. Maybe I’ll try to reschedule this appointment until I can be there to meet them for the first time.
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These people brought an AC unit

I’m definitely not any kind of authority on lifestyle and I don’t mean to pass judgement on how anybody else chooses to live.

HOwever, I can tell you that I have a lot of questions about people who decide they’re going to engage in suburban living in our modern world.

You see, I don’t think that living in a boxy house surrounded by chain stores is the life that I want to live. I personally would be happier living out in the woods, among the trees. That’s why I try to go camping as often as I can. The funny thing is seeing how many of these suburban folks go “camping” in the same indoor comfort that they normally have back home. For instance, last weekend I watched a family unload a tent and a full HVAC setup from their vehicle while setting up camp. Not only was their tent large enough to require a commercial HVAC system just to keep the indoor air managed… but they literally brought the indoor air handling devices to get the job done. First I saw them take out several miniature heating devices that looked somewhat appropriate for a chilly night outdoors. Then came the full ventilation fans that looked large enough to create a hurricane inside their tent. It wasn’t long before I also saw a portable air conditioner come flying out of the car, which was promptly set up in the doorway of their camp. Within a few minutes, they had an energy-sucking campsite complete with every sort of indoor air quality control equipment possible… all while supposedly enjoying the great outdoors. Next time, just enjoy your HVAC system back in your subdivision.


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Don’t let him DIY your machine to death

When my son told me that he wanted to be a professional skilled worker, I admit that I wasn’t completely supportive.

It’s not that I wanted to tell my kid what he should do with his life, but I also know that he has some limitations which would make this particular line of work pretty challenging for him.

I mean, the kid tends to be a bit spacey and disorganized. He’s not very good at getting tasks done efficiently, because he’s always creating bigger problems for himself than he needs to. This is one reason why I figured that working with heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment was probably a risky thing to do. I didn’t want to see my son get defeated about the heating, cooling, and ventilation system technician career, so I told him that he could work on his HVAC professional studies as he lived with me for free. However, I didn’t ever stop to think about what would happen to my indoor air temperature control equipment while this was all taking place. Unfortunately for me and my HVAC system, my son was very excited about his new heating and cooling equipment knowledge as he progressed through his air conditioning, furnace, heat pump, thermostat, and air purification education. He was always looking for new ways to get experience with the HVAC systems they discussed and my heating and cooling machinery was an easy target. Within a few months, my son had “maintained” all of my indoor HVAC equipment… and then the real HVAC professionals in our town had come over to repair everything he broke.
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HVAC is nothing without maintenance

I never changed my air filters, had my systems cleaned or diagnosed, and I completely forgot about the manufacturer warranty

When my dad gave me a car at 16 years old, I knew that I was going to have that bad boy forever. I would drive that car until the day that I died, having experienced so much life and adventure together. I was thrilled to create these amazing memories and travel far and wide in my brand new wheels. And then.. I broke the car. It was only about a year before I ran my new vehicle into the ground, thanks to forgetting completely about performing routine maintenance on the car. I never got an oil change and the whole engine jammed up one day. You’d think I would learn my lesson about taking care of my belongings… but I didn’t. Instead, I just did the same thing with my heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment the other day. I bought a top of the line heating and cooling system from the most highly rated local indoor air quality control equipment repair shop. I really loved my indoor air temperature control professional who performed the high tech equipment installation in the first place. I thought that I was set for an amazing indoor air quality control experience from that day onwards, thanks to my energy efficient and high tech HVAC system. And then… I forgot about the professional maintenance again. I never changed my air filters, had my systems cleaned or diagnosed, and I completely forgot about the manufacturer warranty. The day that my heating, cooling, and air quality control system broke down, I knew I had made the same mistake all over again.


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I’m the owner of the thermostat

When people come over to stay with me, I’m usually amazed at how inconsiderate they tend to be.

I think that people enjoy being guests in my home, but I don’t think that I enjoy having them around very much.

In fact, I get very stressed when my friends and family are hanging around. One of the things that’s always a point of contention is their insistence on using my heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment when they’re staying at my place. I mean, by all means, we should be comfortable when we can manage to be. However, I think it’s a bit of a stretch for your house guest to start dictating the proper indoor air quality control settings for your own heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment. I set my thermostat carefully to have the best energy efficiency and temperature settings for my home. However, I always have people walk in and start dictating different settings for my temperature control unit. They want the air hotter or cooler, more humid or more dry. However, they aren’t the people who have to call the local HVAC technician for professional repairs and maintenance jobs because of all the indoor air temperature control equipment changes. Whenever my guests leave, I have a huge HVAC repair bill to work out in the aftermath. I hate paying out the nose for energy bills or HVAC expenses, but I also don’t want to make anyone feel unwanted in my home. At this point, I have an open door policy… but a locked thermostat rule. This is my HVAC system, and you’ll have to be considerate of my indoor air quality equipment.


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Kids can’t come over with radiators

When my daughter told me that she was having a child, I told her I wished her the best of luck.

  • When she called again a few weeks later and told me that actually she was having twins… I cried for her.

Having one newborn is hard enough, but having two on your hands is going to be a disaster. I really wanted to be a big help with this enormous problem she had coming down the pipes, but when the time arrived for me to be the grandmother of the year… well… things came up. First of all, I had to get my heating and cooling system replaced. The indoor air was not very comfortable in my home and I wanted to make sure the indoor temperature control was up to par before introducing two babies to my uneven hot and cold indoor air temperatures. I called out the local heating, cooling, and air quality control repair shop and asked for a professional HVAC technician consultation. I thought they might want to update or repair my existing HVAC system, and I was interested in what they had to say. Unfortunately, what they had to say was… your heating system is busted. I suddenly had to get a new heating device, and they recommended a central HVAC system that would provide more even and affordable heat year round. I went with a water boiler, heating system combination device. The only problem with the new, efficient and extremely clean HVAC system was the use of hot radiators to disperse heat in the house. Now, with boiling hot registers in every room, I can’t really have babies crawling around. I hope my daughter understands why she and the kids can’t visit my wonderfully warm home.

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Dog loves the HVAC technician more than me

The dog knows when our heating and cooling technician is at our house when he sees the HVAC truck in the driveway

Sometimes I feel like being an animal owner is a thankless job. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that dogs are supposed to be man’s best friend and we should have a cherished relationship together… but the truth is, sometimes my dog is a lot more of a hindrance than a help to my personal emotional state. I think this is because my dog happens to be very difficult. He’s a delightful little furball and I genuinely love him, but he’s also extremely allergic to most things. For the longest time, I’ve been trying to keep our home clean and safe for him with the help of our heating, cooling, and air quality control maintenance man, but we’ve almost run out of possible indoor air quality control equipment to install at the house. I feel like the indoor temperature control technician spends as many weekends at my place as he probably sees his own family. I’m calling the heating and cooling repair shop so often. I always need some sort of filter change, duct cleaning, equipment installation or maintenance. And I also always want to know about the latest and greatest in indoor air quality control technology as new HVAC equipment is being delivered to the shop. That’s why the HVAC worker also has a personal relationship with my allergic dog at this point. The dog knows when our heating and cooling technician is at our house when he sees the HVAC truck in the driveway. From that point on, my dog is ecstatic and my HVAC technician is in a great mood when they see each other. I love watching the indoor air improve as my dog’s health does… but I think he might love the HVAC worker more than me.


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The floors were on fire

The other addition was putting in radiant heated floors for the entire home.

I think most kids have played the classic game “the floor is lava.” Certainly you’ve heard of the old childhood classic, if you haven’t participated yourself. When I was younger, we were obsessed with playing this game every moment of the day. My parents went borderline crazy when we were climbing around on all of their furniture, hanging off the light fixtures trying to avoid the feeling of carpet beneath our toes. I can’t even imagine what it would have been like had they installed the heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment that we have today. You see, we no longer use a basic forced air furnace in our family. After years of operating a basic gas powered heating source, we went out and installed far more eco friendly heating, cooling, and ventilation control devices. It all started when we got a geothermal heat pump, which works wonders to manage our indoor air temperature. The thing is amazing, because the geothermal heat pump doesn’t even consume any external energy. The system works by transferring free energy between the earth and our house, which feels amazing. The other addition was putting in radiant heated floors for the entire home. Now we have even, consistent heat throughout the house and we never have to worry about ductwork. But, putting together the heated floors and the geothermal heat source, I think that “the floor is lava” has a whole new meaning around here. When my nieces come over to play, they spend the entire week trying to avoid our amazing indoor air temperature control system in the floors.
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