Speculation on how many time your HVAC system should be checked

In the morning before I leave to go to work I try to wake up at least 30 minutes early to watch the news.

Most the time I watch the news on TV but if I’m running late I’ll read some articles online.

Sometimes there are certain platforms where I cannot trust the news that I’m reading. I try to go to big name news to receive most of my information. Yesterday I was reading an article on how many times a yearly HVAC system inspection should occur. It said that you should have your HVAC system checked by a local HVAC professional at least three times a year. However there are other HVAC experts saying that your system will be ok if there is at least one annual furnace inspection. In having at least one annual furnace inspection service this will prolong the life of the system. Plus it’ll save energy and decrease health risks in your home. At this point I believe that you should at least have it checked once a year. If you don’t have an HVAC system check you should start having it and ask your HVAC technician how many times your HVAC system should be checked. He may know more answers depending on the size of your home, the size and type of your HVAC system. Sometimes it may not be best to read things online, but instead go to the professionals who have more information and advice on HVAC systems.
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