My blood is thinning

Family comes first.  I was taught that from the earliest of ages.  Perhaps taught is the wrong word. In fact, I was shown that family comes first.  Within our extended family, there was consistently an example of a single member of the family helping another a single.  There were aunts and uncles who took in cousins. Sons looking after siblings. It’s just how it was done. I am now putting my money where my mouth is with this principle.  My mother-in-law has finally gotten to the period where she needs attention. She is fiercely independent but the time has come to bring her close to my wife and I. Neither of us have a ton of money, but her sisters, my wife, and I decided she should come here since we live furthest South.  My wife believes that is the largest of her challenges. Her old Colonial home doesn’t have satisfactory heating and A/C for her now that she is elderly. The system is old so, it’s cheaper to bring her here for the Wintertime months than replace the her old gas heater wall unit. The heating system does a pretty unbelievable task knocking off the chill.  But honestly, it was not meant to do the task of an heating and A/C component with a legit gas furnace. I believe my heat pump will surely keep her hot on the rare afternoons it gets freezing. However, she’s a mountain lady so she’ll really scoff at the easily idea of turning on the heat when its only 48 degrees outside. My wife’s blood and mine have thinned considerably over all the years of living down here.  There is no way either of us could make it through a Wintertime at my mother-in-law’s historic home. My wife and I our relieved that our heating and A/C system will keep her mom cozy this coming Wintertime. She deserves at least that.

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