I was advised many things

For the past various years, I’ve worked as a community organizer for our local neighborhood. Although it’s not an regular political position, our life can get pretty hectic at times. Always on the go, especially during the fall of the year due to election season, I was looking forward to taking some much-needed time off during the Spring. The groundwork for those plans was going well when, one random day, I got sick due to a awful allergic reaction. In effort to get back on our feet as soon as possible, I asked around for advice from our fellow peer community organizers. Although I got a number of odd opinions, one guy advised what I deemed to be the most reasonable option–that I get an media air purification system with allergen-remover filtration, which they undoubtedly had installed at their own residence recently. Grateful for the tip, they also forwarded me the contact info for the heating as well as cooling company that squared them away when I asked them for it. Upon contacting the company, I was able to schedule an appointment rather rapidly. When the service team showed up, they performed a brief diagnosis in order to confirm that the media air purification system was the best option–as opposed to another service such as an entire HVAC duct cleaning, which it was. Consequently, they installed the feature for me in less than a day’s time, as well as they did so at a discounted, “hometown appreciation” price. Coupled with some antibiotics as well as a few afternoons of good ol’ rest, I was back on our feet as well as holiday bound in no time!

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