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In college my roommate and I live in a dormitory with old hydronic heating, however each room as a radiator that connected to a pressing boiler someplace in the basement and all of us could turn or radiator off or on but that was about the extent of the temperature control. One of our learn buddies had come over for learn time a single afternoon and she brought her pet hedgehog with her. Every one of us weren’t supposed to have any pets in our rooms but the little hedgehog could be hidden under a coat so no a single notices. Besides, they don’t make much noise. I have to admit, all of us were having more fun watching the hedgehog explore the room rather than studying. And then a near catastrophe happened. The hedgehog crawled underneath the radiator and went to sleep. The radiator was on and entirely  boiling but the section was just pressing enough for a hedgehog and all of us couldn’t fit our hands under to get the pet. He turned off the radiator so it would not get any more heat from the boiler while all of us poked and prodded the hedgehog with hangers. Finally, out of desperation, our learn buddy dumped a cup of chilly water on her pet with the hopes of keeping it from roasting to death. The hedgehog instantly got upset and walked out from under the radiator. It was wet and angry but seemed to be completely unharmed. I don’t assume any of us learned much from our books that afternoon. Every one of us only learned that hedgehogs and hydronic heating don’t mix well. Every one of us were just cheerful for the blissful ending, who prefers our midterms?

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