I am out of money

Although I’ve constantly taken truly good care of our gas gas furnace and a/c, I’ve mostly ignored the duct system.  Until just last year, I never gave the air duct a thought. Every Springtime I schedule professional cleaning, complicationshooting and tuning for the a/c, and do the same for the oil furnace in the fall.  I never considered the fact that the heated and cooled air passes through the duct plan many times per day, all year round. My family breathes the air coming from the ducts. Even minor complications with the duct plan is sure to impact air quality, comfort and the performance of the heating and cooling equipment.  It wasn’t until I observed an abundance of dust floating around in the air and some unpleasant odors that I called an Heating and A/C contractor to inspect the duct system. After a thorough diagnosis, the worker informed me that about thirty percent of our heated and cooled air was being lost to small holes in the air duct.  Plus, there was a immense buildup of contaminants within the ducts, which was restricting airflow. The reduction in airflow was really causing the gas furnace and a/c to run longer, use more energy, and suffer needless wear and tear. I was upset that the air duct would need to be replaced, causing a good deal of mess, disruption and expense.  However, the process of duct sealing and cleaning was quick, affordable and non-invasive. The Heating and A/C worker completed the entire job in a single visit. Once he was done, I observed a significant improvement in the comfort and cleanliness of our home. The heating and cooling plan aren’t entirely working as hard, and yet there’s no longer tepid and frosty spots in multiple room.  The savings on our biweekly utility bills is enough to make the duct cleaning and sealing a worthwhile investment.

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