The morning weather

 As a recent divorcee, who happens to work in the real estate industry, I am regularly on the go–and occasionally at a breakneck pace. As an agent new to the business, my first few weeks have literally felt like swimming upstream in effort to keep our head above water. Moreover, I recently had a heck of a time while attempting to get  my home’s heating, ventilation, and cooling (Heating as well as Air Conditioning) air ducts cleaned.

               To avoid the appearance of any sort of impropriety, I researched a contractor in the local section that had no affiliation with the real estate contractor I worked with or the privately owned business I ran on the side. In hindsight, my efforts to abide by so strict a set of management principles would ultimately cost me some fancy time and money, as the contractor that I eventually contracted gave me quite a bit of a runaround during our initial attempts to schedule even a basic visit! The foolishness did not stop there though, because once my appointment was finally scheduled, the cleaning contractor didn’t do all that good of a task and I felt seriously sick (pollen irritations) when I woke up the day after. To correct the problem, the contractor sent a new team out a day later to re-sanitize my ducts as well as get me squared away.

            On top of doing an incredible task this time around, the contractor also refunded half of the currency from the original invoice in to help out with/compensate for my sickness as well as follow-on doctor’s bill. Despite the headaches I endured, I found that to be a satisfactory settlement, especially now that all the dust has settled, both literally as well as figuratively.

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