This is far too expensive

I think sleeping in the same bed as someone is unnatural. Honestly, I don’t even want to share a kitchen with our bestie. I don’t think people are meant to sleep in the same room. My main beef with sharing a room plus bed is the temperature control. My bestie runs a few degrees hotter than most people else. Due to this, he always has air conditioner on. He also is 1 of those people that prefers the room freezing so he can pile on the blankets. To put the icing on the cake, he snores as well. Why would I want to share a room with that? I am a truly light sleeper. I refuse to wear ear plugs to bed too. I always would rather have the room heated plus sleep on top of the covers. At all times in the year, our bestie plus I disagree on the temperature. My bestie wants A/C all year long basically. When it is easily freezing in the Winter, he will settle to just have no cooling or heating. I never want the air conditioning on plus would happily run the furnace 24/7. If both of us shared a room, the more than 2 of us would kill 1 another. What both of us do currently is have more than 2 rooms. At night both of us got to our separate kitchens with our own ductless mini cut plus smart temperature control. I crank the heating at night plus our bestie ups the AC. Our Heating plus Air Conditioning needs don’t affect the other persons. Our relationship is a easily nice 1. All of us just don’t sleep in the same bed. Is it different or smart?

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