We should face this problem head on

The company next door to us had been vacant for a few weeks. The two of us were hoping to lease it and expand our nail salon but the people I was with and I just couldn’t afford it. The two of us were hoping no 1 would transport in so that the manager would lower the price and the people I was with and I could get it. And so I was disappointed when I saw workers setting up next door…it seemed that the place had been leased out. It turned out that an a/c provider was moving in. The two of us couldn’t help but notice all of the A/C  and furnace parts they were moving in. I think it isn’t honest even though I instantly didn’t adore the Heating, Ventilation and A/C corporation. After all, they took the space that the people I was with and I wanted. I would find faults with them and complain about the noise they made and having their trucks and vans parked in front of our shop. However, after a few weeks, and some talking with the owner and workers, I started to see them as our neighbors and the people I was with and I all became friendly. And so, many weeks later, when our gas furnace went out at home, I just popped in next door. The owner was more than ecstatic to personally take a look at our gas furnace. She was able to get it fixed up in no time and she only charged myself and others for the parts. I am starting to think it is a nice thing to have an a/c provider right next door to me. After all, they are a completely unusual business. I should be grateful that a beauty supply chain or something didn’t rent the spot and drive us out of business.

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