Air conditioning at the pumpkin patch

What a day we had at the pumpkin patch today! My wife and I had been dying to take our son to the pumpkin patch since the first day of Fall, and we’d been waiting patiently for a day with clear skies to go and take some nice family photos. Once the day came, I woke to my wife already dressing our son in a cute little plaid outfit. Clearly someone was more excited than I was! However, I also noticed when we woke up that I was feeling pretty hot and sweaty. I checked the thermostat, and saw that even though it was set to 73 degrees, the A/C was already struggling to keep the apartment cool. That wasn’t a good sign, but it was clearly a beautiful day outside, so we ventured out anyway. As soon as we stepped outside the apartment, I could feel how hot it was outside! We quickly got to the car, where my vehicle said the temperature outside was in the low 90’s! This was hardly Fall weather, but we were committed to getting our family pictures. We had the air conditioning system in my car blowing at max output, and we were making every minute count until we got to the pumpkin patch. Thankfully, the pumpkin patch had plenty of shade, and several box fans were running around the patch to make a light breeze blow through. It was just enough for us to stay cool in the incredible heatwave. My wife and I were thrilled because we not only kept our cool, but had some lovely pictures taken in the process! Needless to say, we got home and cranked the A/C to the max – it had to have been the hottest day on record in years.

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