Ductless mini split component

I had to help my uncle with rebuilding his shed after a brutal snowstorm caused the roof to buckle, filling his entire workspace with three feet of snow! After we cleared out all of the snow and cleaned his tools to the best of our ability, we set out to install a new roof for the shed that would certainly hold up to the elements! After the roof was rebuilt, my uncle told me he had an idea for an improvement to the shed, and was waiting for the ideal moment to do it. Originally, he’d always wanted to have a heating system running through the shed, as he often has to stop his projects ahead of time due to how cold it gets in his shed during the winter. Eventually, my uncle realized how impractical it would be to have ductwork running through the shed that connected to his home’s central heating system. At that point, my uncle and I realized that a ductless option would be better. That’s when we researched, and ultimately decided, on having a ductless mini-split system installed for his shed! The ductless mini-split system is just that – ductless – and can provide both heating and cooling functions for the space that is to be treated. I told my uncle that these ductless systems are incredibly easy, and that we could install it ourselves if we wanted to! I thought he would hear that and think to hire a professional HVAC service company to have it installed, but he instead interpreted what I said and thought I suggested we install it ourselves. Sure, we were able to put the system in place ourselves, but it did take almost an entire day to do it! Thankfully, we got the installation right the first time, and my uncle thanked me by paying me for my services. I was glad to help, and now I know what I’ll do to heat and cool m own shed someday!

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