I got my AC unit fixed

       My husband isn’t any good when it comes to fixing things in the house.  I tend to just take care of the situation and then I tell him how much it cost.  When we moved into our home, there was a central air conditioning system already in place.  The old owner told us that it had never worked properly and they had only used it for a couple months before they went back to using the window air conditioning.  I never thought about it again, and my husband and I just continued using window air conditioners just like the old owners. I often asked him if he wanted to just get rid of the outside AC unit, and he kept telling me he would take it to the recycling center when he got time.  That was ten years ago. When my window air conditioner broke, I didn’t even bother to tell my husband. I called the HVAC company and they sent someone out to the house. He said that he couldn’t fix the window unit I was currently using, but he may have some other information for me.  We already had a central air conditioning unit, but it hadn’t worked since we moved into the house. He went outside and he looked it over. He did some fiddling with the AC components and I saw him change the air filter. He then went to his truck and brought what looked like a brush back to the AC unit.  Within an hour, he had the central AC running. It didn’t cost me much more than if I had just bought a new AC unit and I had perfect air conditioning.

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