Need to get air conditioner in car fixed.

I was running late for school. Already a bad start to a new week. It was our final week of high school and I had a lot of important end of the year exams and fees to pay for college. Running late can really put me on a stand still for the summer classes I wanted to partake it. It was just starting to warm up from the not so cold winter. I gathered my school bookbag, breakfast and car keys. I made sure to lock the door behind me. Once I got to the car the first thing I do after turning it on is blast the A/C. Sometimes it will take my car a few moments for it to become cold. Other times it gets freezing in seconds. I’m not quite sure what’s going on with it. I need to take it into a mechanic to see if they can give me a diagnosis and a solution. Living in Florida you must have A/C. It is so important. More so with overheating and for children in the car. I can’t imagine driving in Florida in the middle of summer for no type of cooling system. I’m determined to get this unit checked out asap. I have myself and two little boys that depend on our family car and HVAC unit.

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