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I recently was experiencing problems with my car’s brakes. Brakes are sort of an important part of driving, so I took it into the shop as soon as I could. My car wasn’t experiencing any other issues at the time and I made sure to let the mechanic at the shop know that. I had a friend come with me to drop off my car, and they gave me a ride home as my car needed to be left behind to be worked on. Two days later, I got a call that my car was ready to be picked up. I got a ride back, paid for the repairs, and began driving home. A couple streets later, however, I noticed something was off. I had turned on my car’s AC right after starting the car, and yet the air conditioning had never kicked on. I held my hand up right in front of the air conditioning vent in the front seat and didn’t any air blowing out. I was certain the AC had been functioning just fine before my car had been “repaired.” I was still close to the car shop and so I turned around and drove back, explaining the situation to the mechanics on duty. They tried insisting that they couldn’t have possibly damaged my car’s air conditioning system, but they went back to discuss things with their manager. He came out to apologize to me, explaining it had been one of the new guys who worked on my brakes, and that my AC must have been damaged somehow during the repair. My car was inspected right away, at no cost, and the air conditioner repaired, plus I received a partial refund on the brake repair for my inconvenience. While a competent mechanic shouldn’t have damaged any part of my car in the first place, I’m glad they took responsibility for their mistake.

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