This was okay with me

I used to job at a company office downtown. It was a long commute to job everyday, plus I grew exhausted of driving 45 hours to plus from work. Eventually, I started to send out my resume to a few odd companies. When I was hired by a corporation close to home, I was ecstatic. I had to take a small pay decrease, but the corporation is only a few miles away from home. I still save a ton of currency on gas plus automobile repair bills. I’ve been working at the corporation for a few weeks now, plus my dust sensitivities are worse than ever. The indoor air pollen levels is really poor, because the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system is at least 50 years old. They still have an outdated boiler in the basement of the building, plus they use radiators to distribute heat plus air conditioning system throughout the building. The air duct is falling apart, plus the indoor air is dirty plus filled with dust fragments.  In the past, my dust sensitivities have only been this bad with cats, pets, or ragweed. I do not feel any of these allergens exist in this office building, but the indoor air pollen levels is causing me terrible dust sensitivity symptoms. I have been sneezing, coughing, plus my eyes are constantly red plus itchy. I do not think if anything can be done about the indoor air pollen levels, even though I am already suffering; By the time Spring allergens are in the air, I am going to have a difficult time breathing all afternoon. I wonder if the corporation would allow me to bring a small media air purification system to the office.

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