Installing an air conditioner

When you’re installing an air conditioner, you really should call a professional, unless it’s a window mount and all you really need to do is hoist it through the window. Even then, though, you really should have a second person helping you. After all, lifting an air conditioner can be hard on the back, and amusing things can result. The air conditioner I bought was a small one, billed to be perfect for a college dormitory or one-bedroom apartment (so many smaller dwellings lack sophisticated HVAC systems). I opened our bedroom window and hoisted the air conditioner up – only to watch it wobble and fall over into the bushes! The back side was slightly scratched. So, I went outside to retrieve it, on a humid summer afternoon. I got it back up; the window tired to karate chop it a couple of times as I got it into position. I struggled, and sweated, but finally I could feel the air conditioner was in a stable position. I wiped the sweat from my forehead. My neighbor watched, from his window, and what looked to me like his perfectly climate-controlled living room. Not a trace of stress could be found on his face; instead, he was smiling. In those few moments, I thought of all of the friends I know who work in the heating and cooling industry, who might’ve provided a little free technical help. But, no, my pride told me I needed to install the air conditioner by myself. What took me 20 minutes and the risk of heat exhaustion might’ve only taken five minutes had I asked my wife to help.

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