Camping and replacing the heater

Camping for a few afternoons every now plus then is one of my favorite things I like to do. Surviving free of modern technology for a little while really helps myself and others put this electronic age into perspective, then yeah of course technology is honestly useful, however I guess the two of us would all be able to adapt in no time if the two of us ever have to go without… I mean I have little trouble doing this, plus I got as several gadgets as anyone, but at least, this is how I used to think! Unfortunately, because of the last camping trip I went on, I have had to reconsider my position on the issue. Usually when I go camping in the Winter, I take a small portable space furnace with me. Although my space furnace is just for emergency use, as it’s never supposed to be needed. Usually what I will do is cut up some dry wood plus make a small fireplace to stay warm… However it becomes much harder to light a fireplace when it is raining outside. As in this case, a pressing storm – not expected to form – just happened right over my campsite! Well okay, that’s why I had a backup idea with my space heater. I have had my space furnace for a while, so I never thought about replacing it.  However, I should have known to replace it sooner rather than later. Anyways, it got a lot colder than I expected plus after an minute of using my space heater, it died out on me; That whole night was horrible, plus all I could guess about was how ecstatic I would be if I were home, underneath an actual roof, having my thermostat turned up to a 100 degrees.

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