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I think that the unemployment office must be a terrible place to work.  Most of these are run by a local or state government and are regulated by everything they do.  The personal aspect of that job must be very difficult as well. Trying to match a person’s skill set with a specific job is, or can be, difficult this day in age. Take for instance someone who has worked in a factory for 20 years that has just been laid off, they have a different skill-set than many of the companies are looking for these days. This is because we live in a world where computers run and many of the jobs that were normally taken up by people. This has led to a significant downsizing of man hours that are needed and safe companies a vast amount of dollars each year. Sometimes you hear on the news that robots and computers are taking jobs, however, if an individual is willing to learn how to operate the pieces of Machinery or repair them they have a significantly better chance of finding employment. There are so many jobs available that require a personal touch but even a auto mechanic that works on newer model cars uses a computer to diagnose the problem and sometimes fix it internally.  I imagine the person who works at the employment office and has to explain these changes to individuals feels very bad for them sometimes. They do offer training courses at these offices and I hope that many take advantage of the service. Times are changing and in order to ensure your value to companies you need to be able change with them.