The summer months are very warm

I spend my spare time collecting painting from my travel points. Having traveled quite a bit, I have a lot of paintings in my collection. Some of the paintings I have are even worth a bit of money, but most of them are just sentimental pieces. Either way, every painting is framed and displayed around my house. The only problem with this is the weather where I live. It is constantly fluctuating and this isn’t healthy for the paintings at all. I have had to take proactive measures to protect my artwork from weather damage and destruction. In the summer, I am fighting off the heat and humidity. In the winter, I am trying to keep the cold, dry air out of my home each day. I went ahead and consulted with an HVAC company about what I should do to protect my paintings. I upgraded my HVAC equipment accordingly. I had a variable-speed air conditioner and furnace installed first. This system actively adjusts its speed to the demand of my home. The longer cycles at lower capacity means a more evenly maintained temperature and great humidity control. To help with the moisture levels, though, I also had a humidifier and dehumidifier installed in my home. The dehumidifier takes on summertime, taking out any unnecessary moisture from the air and providing plenty of comfort. It actually allows me to use my air conditioner less throughout the summer, thus saving me some extra money on my electric bill each month. The humidifier does its part in the winter, providing the air with essential moisture while working with the furnace to feed in optimal comfort and air quality. None of these installations were cheap, but they protect my artwork while keeping me perfectly comfortable in my own home throughout the year.

HVAC service plan