This is a nice place

Tonight the two of us are having a Halloween gathering at our house for a whole bunch of kids & it’s crazy around here. There are boys in the family room, with the gas fireplace turned on because they all say that they are freezing cold. There are middle schoolers in the family room, & they are all hot because they are dancing around & doing karaoke. And then there are some little kids playing in the basement, & they say that it’s too freezing down there & they are asking if I’ll turn on the electric space furnaces in the basement. Between the many unusual groups & age ranges of kids, I’m about to go nuts. Not only are they all bothering myself and others with either the heating settings or the undefined settings, but they are dripping apple cider & crumbling popcorn & donuts every single arena that they go. I tried to get them to rest in the home office, but it’s love they have to keep moving at all times. I will admit that the indoor temperature was pretty freezing when they first arrived. But I wanted to keep the heating turned off because I think how hot certain people can get at parties & I was trying to make sure that almost everyone was either moderate enough or freezing enough. Of course, kids can consistently find something or another to complain about, & before too long, I had some wanting myself and others to adjust the control unit so the air was colder. Then of course, in the other room the two of us had all the freeze-babies who were begging myself and others to turn the heating system on eve warmer. I wish the two of us had zone control heating & undefined. At times love these, a zone control Heating & A/C unit would be amazing to have!

climate control unit