The unit was tough to repair

I worked at this store near my house, it was a hardware store. The best part about it was the heating and cooling department to my interest. In the heating and cooling department, there this employee that was an Heating, Ventilation and A/C contractor for over a decade of 10 years… The guy knows really everything, plus he’s my go-to guy for any questions I have with my own equipment at home, however just the other day, I was having complications with my home’s A/C, as the air coming from the condenser outside wasn’t even slightly cool. I knew nothing was blocking the circulation, plus as well as I had just refilled the refrigerant for the condenser – there was no reason for it to be acting out! When I talked to my guy at the store, he asked if I used a gauge when I “recharged” the refrigerant line. I constantly figured that the refrigerant instantaneously went through the system and got used, so imagine my surprise when he told myself and my spouse at home that I could’ve overcharged the system! When that happens, he says the compressor will completely freeze over, plus it will take running the furnace for hours on end to melt down the compressor. I wasn’t real nuts about running the heat, however he was right! Slowly, the cool air returned to my house! Lesson l received! This guy was so very smart and taught me a lot about high quality and up to date heating and cooling!

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