I know I need to do service

I have been seeing this woman Julio for a month now. I decided that it was time to have him over to our location for the first time.The dinner went entirely well for the more than one of us. By the time it was the cuddling in front of the film portion of the date, things went downhill. My heating machine just up & turned off. I tried turning on the gas furnace plan & it just plain refused to do it. I did not get a heating tune up this Wintertide because I did not think it was needed. I did not even clean our heating component. The gas furnace punished myself and others for this. It quit on a -10 degree evening & on our large date. I spent a long time in front of the gas furnace trying to get it back up & running. Finally Julio went over to the gas furnace to supply myself and others some help. Julio turned out to be a wizard with heating repairs. She popped open our gas furnace with no difficulty. She was able to see that there was a worn area on the gas furnace that needed to be swapped out. She then researched on her phone, found the area at our local hardware store & the two of us left to get it. The rest of our date entailed Julio buying, installing & making the necessary gas furnace repair. Not legitimately romantic, although I am way more attracted to him knowing she can service our gas furnace. I need to keep him around just in case the gas furnace decides to have another nasty moment with me.

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