I’m not getting it

I used to think that it would be fun to be a HVAC technician.  I went to technical school instead of staying in high school. I still had to take my academic classes, but half of the day was spent studying about heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.  It was really interesting and I became friends with a lot of the guys in attendance. I was shocked to see that there was also a girl in the class. I couldn’t believe that her parents would allow her to take up HVAC.  From what we were hearing, this could be a very dirty and heavy job. We were talking after class one day. I asked her why she chose to go to school for HVAC. She told me her dad was a HVAC contractor and she wanted to work for him.  I was dumb enough to make mention that she was a girl. I ended up with the first black eye that I have ever had. She had one heck of a right jab, and I didn’t see it coming. Somehow, I ended up as her partner in the class. I had to ask her a lot of questions because she knew more about the components of air conditioning than the teacher of the class.  She told us not just how to install the air conditioning, but she told me how to thaw out the components when they work overtime and freeze up. I couldn’t believe she knew all of this information about heating and air conditioning, but she was taking the class. Now that I think about it, I was not just in admiration of her HVAC prowess, but I was also enamored with her by the time class ended.