That was not cool

My friends and I always recognized the fun time we would have working in furnace and air conditioning sales. The two of us attended a technical program, instead of finishing senior year of high school. The two of us had some academic classes like math and science, but the two of us spent a great deal of the day learning how to repair and maintenance furnace and air conditioning equipment. It was honestly an interesting time, and many of the guys in my class were just like me. There was a single woman in our class and several of us seem to honestly be enthralled with this woman. The two of us didn’t know much about her, other than the fact that she was in a man’s world, trying to do a man’s job. The two of us ended up in a work group together, and I asked her some questions. Jessica was in a regular class, but she wanted to learn more about furnace and air conditioning equipment. Her parents honestly had a small local business, and they were going to retire in about 10 years. Jessica was learning everything she could about furnace and air conditioning repair and installation it. Even though she wasn’t planning on working as a full-time technician, she thought it would be smart to know about the business and everything she sells. The two of us honestly ask a bunch of questions, because the two of us were even more intrigued after learning a little bit about Jessica. She was more interesting than any of the classes.

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