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My brother and I have absolutely been excited to finally take over our parents cooling equipment and furnace repair shop. My brother and I have been hearing for 15 years, that my dad will retire and eventually let us lead the cooling equipment and furnace repair shop into the future. My brother and I have done everything possible to learn what we can to make this business run more smoothly. My brother opted to learn all about furnace and cooling equipment repair. I spent several years in College, learning about advertising, business ethics, and marketing strategies. The time has finally come when my brother and I will absolutely be able to use this knowledge in a positive way. Our parents have decided to retire in December, right after the Christmas season. The people I was with and myself are really excited for the chance, and we already have thousands of ideas that could make a difference over time. Our parents didn’t want to listen to these technological advances, when they were in charge. My brother and I have been telling them they need a website for years and years. Nobody searches in the phone book anymore, but my parents have still been paying for phone book advertising. My brother and I will take this cooling equipment and furnace repair shop right into the 21st century. We have learned a great deal from school, and I have a huge background in internet marketing. The sky is only going to be the limit, from now on until the end of those doors closing forever.

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