I knew there was a solution

My mom taught us that it was cheaper to cook at home than it was to go out to eat.  We lived meagerly, and I only remember going out for dinner on special occasions. My boyfriend loves going to restaurants, but I can’t see wasting the money.  I think eating out all of the time is too expensive. I would rather cook at home and relax with candlelight and not waste our energy. I was surprised at how high our energy bills were, even with all of my conservation.  I was cooking our nightly meal one night, and my boyfriend was helping. I had the range on, and all of the pots were boiling away. The oven was on, so I could heat the plates. I also had the roaster going with the roast.  All of a sudden it hit me that all of the heat of the range was going into the air. My air conditioning was running like ninety, and my energy bill was climbing. The following month, we alternated between cooking at home and eating out.  Our energy was almost half of the amount of the month before. Maybe it is cheaper and more energy efficient to eat out. I like eating out, but I still wonder if we add inthe cost of the meal and the cost of the energy bill, it may just be the same.  Either way, I’ll turn on my AC when I’m home cooking, and I’ll enjoy the AC in the restaurant, when I’m out to eat. It all evens out.

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