We are working hard

My family owns a local HVAC company. The HVAC company has been in the family for years and it was always understood that when my brother and I grew up we would take over the business. My brother went to college so he could study business and learn how to run the business better. I made sure to take classes and keep my certifications up to date so that we were both ready to take over the family HVAC company one day. Two weeks ago my dad told us that he was ready to retire and it was time for us to take over the family business. To be honest, my brother and I were really excited to own the HVAC company without the help of my dad. Our dad is really old school and has had the same customers for many years, he is really successful so he didn’t focus on getting new customers. My brother and I want to change that! We have already put together a marketing plan for the HVAC business so that we can gain new business and expand the company. We want to own serval locations and make our small HVAC company a chain one day. My brother and I are so excited for the possibilities that our little HVAC company could be one day. We are going to start off by hiring someone to strictly run the HVAC marketing.They will be incharge of getting new business so that my brother and I can focus on running the HVAC company and growing even bigger!

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