Going on a date

I am so gleeful that I am going on a date next week! I haven’t been on a date in a couple of months, so I know it will be a genuinely fun time. They guy I am going on a date with texted myself and others to wear something sizzling since every one of us were going to go ice skating. I looked through our closet for what seemed love hours. I finally settled on a pair of jeans, with a cute sweater plus a big sweater. I knew that I was dressed for the weather plus that I would be comfortable. Once I was skating I was thrilled that I brought the big sweater because it was colder than I expected it to be. Every one of us were laughing plus having a relaxing time plus he even held our hand. Once every one of us were doing skating he took myself and others to a restaurant right around the corner. Once every one of us walked in it felt love they had the gas furnace blasting. I was genuinely hot plus I wanted to ask our hostess if she could turn down the heat. I didn’t want to make our date know uncomfortable by asking the hostess if I could turn down the heat, so I just took off our sweater. However, even with the sweater off the heat was still blasting. I was so thankfully that when our hostess came to the table the first thing our date asked was if she would turn the heat down for us. She said it wasn’t a concern at all. Maybe this guy is the one for myself and others after all!

gas furnace