This afternoon went well

My wife and I have been using the same HVAC service company for almost a decade. They provide excellent service and prices, and we have never been let down. Each and every year, my wife and I have a full service tune up on our HVAC equipment. We usually have the HVAC equipment service performed after the harsh winter seasonal weather. Summer is warm and mild, and we rarely use the air conditioner. The HVAC service appointment never takes much time, so we don’t lose a whole day. If we both take the day off work, we can usually spend a few hours together in the afternoon. Last week, my wife scheduled our annual HVAC service appointment. My wife and I were going to have lunch after our appointment. We even thought about catching an afternoon movie matinee. The HVAC service appointment was scheduled for 10 in the morning. A regular service technician would be in and out of our home by 11. The HVAC service technician seemed to take forever. He was a new technician and wanted to be thorough. He spent two long hours in our home, going through every portion of our HVAC system. Since the technician was new, my wife and I didn’t complain. We quietly waited in the kitchen, while the technician diligently worked on our tune-up.  We missed our lunch appointment by an hour, but our HVAC system was clean as a whistle. Since we missed our lunch reservations, we decided to try the new deli in town. It was really delicious and the kosher ham was incredibly tasty.

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