I’m going to buy a new car

Thanks to receiving an amazing birthday present from my parents this year, I now own a brand new car for the first time in my life. I’ve always driven old run down cars, because they were cheap, but they’d always have so many problems I’d end up wasting a ton of money trying to fix them up. With broken air conditioners, finicky breaks, windows that wouldn’t roll up, and doors that would get stuck until you gave them a shove, among other problems, I was fed up with cheap junk cars. I started saving up to finally go to a dealer to purchase one brand new, and my parents knew that, which is why they decided to surprise me with one instead. That night I drove my new car out and spent some of the money I had saved up to treat my parents to a nice meal. I’ve had more time to get used to the car by now and, while some of the novelty of owning a new car has worn off, I can still admit it’s a great experience to go from driving an old beat up car to one that’s new with all of the latest technology. One thing I’ve had issues with, though, is the car’s air conditioner. Which I’ve had cars in the past where the AC was broken, to where it wouldn’t turn on at all or offered too little cooling to matter, this new car has the opposite problem. The air conditioning is too strong! Even on the lowest setting I begin to freeze right away. I’ve started driving with my car window down as a result, so I can get some cooling without freezing, but despite that fact I’m still in love with this car and thank my parents for it still to this day.

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