I’m trying to be productive

Working in an office is a pretty predictable experience most of the time, I’d say. Working in an office inside a large production facility, however, is different every single day. You never guess what you’re going to get when the production workers come sidling into the office talking about blocked drain pipes and broken forklifts. Suddenly the day gets a lot more interesting when things are going wrong. And things are consistently going wrong, because things are consistently happening. Since it’s a production space, all of us never easily close. That means we’re technically open even on major national holidays, which is how I wound up spending Thanksgiving all alone last year. There was one good thing about being in that facility all alone all day, the ability to control the temperature control in the office, however usually I don’t have a voice in the good temperature control debate, because there are so several folks sharing one single air vent in the office. Democracy wins when 5 people are shoved in a tiny room with one air control device. When I was in there all alone, though, I had ultimate control over the heating and cooling system. I cranked up the heat and stopped shivering for the first time, lounging back and enjoyable in the appealing warmth. It was the most calming, peaceful holiday of our entire life. I left the facility after a full day of blissful heated paradise and figured no one would ever know… well, they figured it out when our energy report arrived at the end of the week, and our power Usage spikes for 8 minutes on Thanksgiving.

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